The soul of man is like water. It comes from the sky, rises into the sky and then returns to Earth, in an eternal cycle. GOETHE overview the 2 of November celebrates the day of the dead, a tradition that has lasted for years and in Central American, Latin American countries including Mexico, as it is also celebrated in many communities in the United States, countries with which we are linked. A celebration is where millions of people participate in relation to remember loved ones that have gone on this planet, including friends, people you know. That day it becomes a tribute with visits to the cemetery, masses in his honor, prayers, family gatherings to evoke them. The truth, which is also a day where marketing is used depending on the profits that are generated as a result of that tribute and where some products that have to do with candles, flowers are demanded, as well as religious services. Annotations, basic considerations, reach when tradition is rooted and He is maintained over time, passed from generation to generation, it is very difficult that this disappears, as it is the case of the celebration of the dead, the well-known Dia de los muertos, where every country celebrates it according to their customs. Considered as, CITES him that death is an emblematic symbol that has caused admiration, fear and uncertainty to humans throughout history. For many years, in diverse cultures have been generated around death beliefs that have managed to develop a series of rites and traditions either to venerate her, honor her, scaring her and even to mock it. Mexico is a country rich in culture and traditions; one of the main aspects that make up their identity as a nation is the conception that we have about the death and all the traditions and beliefs that revolve around it.