Merrill Lynch

Volatileness is in levels record neither the more nor the less because the data that the market is receiving are extremely confused. The unique certainty whereupon counts the financial analysts is that the uncertainty will continue. That is, they are now more honest than ever. I doubt that HenryBlodget had been able to so honestly communicate this to its clients. (Blodget was an analyst of Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER) that was famous in the last stage of bubble Internet by two reasons: to foretell Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) to $400 when it was worth half the following month, guessing right, and to finish exonerated of the industry to recommend action of Internet to his clients, it described at the same time as them like " basura" in his emails prevailed. Until the ESA realized and this could have marked techo" of era Internet).

The humor of reflects it to the investors. On the one hand there is a pile of very discouraging economic data, and on the other it has swelling optimistic originating of the governments of Europe and the United States, who are sent to maintain the first and unique economy like objective. An economy that tends to the recession, which impels to the shareholding markets to the loss. But when arriving the quotes at so low values, are generated rounds of purchases with strong rises. The Federal commander of reserves, Horseradish tree Bernanke said that " an ample economic recovery will not happen enseguida" , same if the markets became stabilized now. The reading it is? To sell. " Volatileness today triples to the average observed in the long term, and is five times superior to the one of the years of fort raises stock-exchange, in 2004, 2005 and 2006. We are in an extreme situation, that remembers in the worse one of the cases to crac of October of 1987 or the oil shock of 1973-74" , it indicated Eric Galigue, director of French the consulting company/signature of finances Valquant to agency AP.