One of arcane the most difficult ones to describe is the Priestess, and perhaps by their intentions, their power and its ability remain hidden. When this letter is revealed in the distance of the tarot of the love, it is due to be very cautious before drawing some conclusion. Each deck of the tarot has a different meaning, an interpretation more or less delineated, with different shades. But the Priestess seems to have the amplest range of interpretations because she represents the voice of the unconscious one, the hidden object, what it is not seen but defines all the actions of the individual, and with great influences in the material reality. The magical one bases its power on the Priestess. It has energy to transform and to create what wishes voluntarily. But the magician is the one who has the power to control this energy, that of another form arose without control with catastrophic consequences. He is necessary then, to include/understand this balance, to understand what is synthesis between power and creation, masculine and the feminine thing, and of this form we will be able to begin to reveal some mysteries of the priests.

The figure of the moon that is seen in the arcane one directly represents the force of the unconscious one. Also pillars draw attention both that surround the image of the woman, being one clear and the other black. The pillars maintain a cloth, a veil. And she is the Priestess the one that interposes between us and what it is behind that cloth, hidden it. It is the front door to both kingdoms that represent the pillars. The elementary question is which will be our election the Priestess declares to us of the hidden powers within each, and will be the one who helps us to use these powers at internal level, to enrich to us and to transform us for always. What says the Priestess to us in the tarot of the love? That no matter how hard we try to hide or to silence what we always felt the voice of the unconscious one will make hear, and if we are not faithful to our feelings the consequence it can be catastrophic.

We must accept that our feelings are an enormous motivating force. To deny them is like covering the sun with a finger. The direct conclusion is that there is something hidden that struggles to leave: prohibited love, an infidelity. Not to do case to him to this vital force will take to us directly towards the misfortune. The Priestess is a sign of the shade, than she does not see herself. But already she says the saying to it: there is nothing no hidden that is not known at some time.