SafeTIC AG: FlashVision – A New Solution For The Visual Object Protection

SafeTIC AG develops new technology for optical remote monitoring Mannheim may 2011. With FlashVision and VisioMobile, the SafeTIC AG has developed innovative technologies for the electronic remote monitoring of security-relevant premises. The new system of SafeTIC AG delivers a digital video of alarm via SMS, MMS or E-Mail in case of burglary or robberies and enables to immediate responses. The effective protection of sensitive premises developed also for small and medium-sized enterprises more and more a necessity. Read more here: Electrolux. But many business owners shy away from the sometimes considerable investment costs or determine that the commercially available security solutions are not fully meet the specific conditions and requirements on the spot.

Solutions that provide a maximum level of protection without complicated installation and that are in demand at an affordable price. The SafeTIC AG with the FlashVision product solution responding to the demand for reliable and flexible, but at the same time cost rational concepts for the electronic protection of the object. The SafeTIC AG has designed FlashVision as a complete package of several elements which can be combined depending on the locality and required security level and later, if necessary, Supplement. The break-in sensors of type Sentinel, which detect possible intruders by radar or thermal image and if necessary by means of LED-Flashbeleuchtung for the built-in camera make visible are the most important part of the system. The Sentinel detects an incident, the unit automatically triggers the alarm, while at the same time, the digital video recording begins. The robust constructed system resists also sabotage attempts and is independent from the external power supply: the Sentinel, the headquarters, as well as the other components of FlashVision are battery operated, so will also work with completely fallen from power. Another advantage of the new system is the possibility of remote monitoring via VisioMobile, a further development of the SafeTIC AG.