Senate Constitution

The Majority for FAS or Nefas! Mr. Ferreira de Mello declared in the session of day 17 of July, in the Senate, that the majority, of Mr. Peter II had of being declared by makes or for nefas, that is, if it will not be in virtue of the constitutional law, will be against ella. Cotejando this revelation as what the Sr.lvares says Axe, repeating the said one of Bonaparte in the advice of the five hundred, would not have all reason to assume that the opposition tram a revolution, a coup d etat, in case that the legislature, fidiciary office to the oaths, declares constitutional article 121 of the constitution. To the good of the honor of the Senate of Brazil, we will notice that the anarchica proposal of the noble senator was received with the sharpest signal from disapproval (…) Apresentamos the facts: the consequence takes off the reader impartial that elles locks up. (BRAZIL, 17 of July of 1840) At last, day twenty and eight of July in the one after Majority, exactly with a certain look of occurrence diffidence ahead, was born a hope of a promising future, through an analysis economic politics and. The endowment of Mr. Dom Peter II the Chamber of the Srs.

Members of the house of representatives occupa in fixing, as it orders the constitution to it, the S.M.I endowment.: Propoz the Sr.Alvarez Axe 500 stories, and Sr.Montezuma more than 100. We do not know if it is very, if it is little, if it is sufficient. The explendor of throno, the innumeros benefits that the Emperor must spill among its subjects to satisfy the softest inclinations of its heart, to alliviar all the hurts that begging and deserving the benes of the misery seem to demand it bigger liberality. Sera to put ella compatible with the weakness of our thezouro? A custom we find in France whose generosity we quizeramos that it was adoptasse; it fulfills not to haggle over, story more story less, in subject of this nature.