Stuttgart Christmas Market

Christmas events in the escort again every year the Christ Child, exactly so also in Stuttgart at the Christmas market, is one of the most popular visitor destinations to the most beautiful time of the year. With many coloured lights and great Christmas decorations a beautiful backdrop, is in downtown Stuttgart each year searches for his peers. Countless stalls and shops with a wide variety of offerings sparkle one just so opposed. But also lovely sounds and sensual music reach the ears of visitors. Many choirs have already presented their beautiful Christmas carols at the Christmas market. Whether it was the well-known music choir from the Erzgebirge or also private small music choirs from the rural. Always raised enthusiasm among the many visitors.

This year but also the escort Stuttgart came up with something very special to the musical performance as a choir at the Stuttgart Christmas market. At minus 10 degrees are the escort ladies before thousands of people at the Stuttgart Christmas market 10 Christmas songs recite. Including are also popular classics like “all years back” and “Merry Christmas everywhere”, but also the big Christmas carols presented by the escort Stuttgart. “Silent night, Holy Night” sweeter the bells never sound”, O you joyfully, o you blessed” and “Burn the lights on the Christmas tree,”, are there not away to think. The last four tracks are presented at the end. Her Kinderlein come”, ring, bells, go tingalingaling/ring”, let us be happy and lively”, and of course also quiet trickles of snow” will be the crowning glory of the escort service Stuttgart Christmas market. But now, what is so special about this performance? Now especially the male visitors will come here at their own expense, for which provides escort Stuttgart to enter the stage in lighter clothing and to begin the performance of minus 10 C. Also, visitors can bring back the Christmas Angel from the escort Stuttgart to the presentation in the right temperature and the ladies as accompaniment for the remaining Christmas Eve book, from directly from the Christmas market in Stuttgart.