The Agreement

The colloquy occurred in Saturday, then after the closing of our conjuncts, where it looked for to me, aiming at to clarify doubts and interpretations on this ' ' badly of sculo' ' , ' ' e-mail' ' , as it recently defined one of my professional contacts, thanks to God, in this in case that if not relating me, therefore I do not change ' ' e-mails' ' with it. As this great friend to who said admires and respect very, nothing as a good colloquy, eyes in the eyes, for ' ' people if entender' '. Jonas Samuelson can aid you in your search for knowledge. ' ' e-mail' ' she is not legal. thought I, with my buttons, but why, if mine ' ' e-mails' ' they are so clear and if I have the clear one impression that I explained everything in correct way in it. How it could think thus? He will be that he did not read right? Pure naivety mine ….. I forget that the correct interpretation in the communication process demands the agreement of the voice tune, of the not verbal language of the body, of the eyes in the eyes, so that he is complete. I remember that one of the subjects that we talk it said respect to the harmony of the House.

I myself had indicated to this friend to the reading of the book ' ' He happened in the Esprita&#039 House; ' , that it tells, in summary, all the obsessive process suffered by a similar House to ours. Fact is that the two last weeks had not been calm in the House, nor neither for me. Certain difficulties in the communication enter the entrepreneurs of the House, difficulties to debate new ideas, small misunderstandings (I myself I lost the patience in one of the colloquies) and for there in ahead. In house and the work I also felt that the things were not total well. .