The Three Ms Of Marketing

At the moment of reaching specific market niches, for example, parents of children with learning problems, there are strategies specific to know how to do it. As a suggestion in the majority of cases a niche must be easy and economically achievable. In other words, must be the possibility to easily reach them. If this assumption is not met, the project is doomed to failure. This is important, because if you try to do a massive campaign, it is national daily newspapers, radio, or television to reach, for example, parents with children with learning problems, wastage is enormous and the too high costs. The ideal market niches congregate somewhere; they subscribe to a magazine, they are subscribed to a specific newsletter, belong to associations or specific lists. Therefore, you should investigate the target market with some thoroughness to find such appropriate means.

This is known as the three marketing emes: message, market, middle to make your venture successful, consider these three variables. However, the Internet is not always the right medium for all cases. And not always just with a single medium. The market research will give the answer to three variables.