The Trip

It will take a team of with honor, and whether to break first in the competition, and then in the list of champions? See and only if you can find an unexpected answer to the basic question the film! Although, something tells me that you have already guessed what it will be. Nevertheless, the film should look. You can warm yourself or a group of friends can gather all the family television. After all, the important thing is how the story is told. It miraculously a balance of irony, humor, didacticism and easy no heavy pathos.

The last episode of the film, many watched it by no means sentimental guy is a strange sensation of a lump in my throat treacherous. And they all watched frank laughter cause great scene training team, attempts to raise money for the trip, watching events at home athletes, and more. 98 minutes movie pass unnoticed, not overloaded with emotions or overextended scenes and even necessary in such films morality filed unobtrusively. In this case all the required elements are met, stamps inside and out. Heroes quarrel and make up, endure something important for yourself, the coach repents and extracts closet skeleton, the public at the end of the film smoothly into the side of the Jamaican bobsleigh (itself a combination of luxury, huh?) And look – still not bored. Fun, sometimes a little sad, but the impression of "steep turns" remains positive and optimistic.

And the moral message to young people more than worthy: never give up, no matter what happens, go to my dream, and remember that any path becomes easier with real friends. However, all this so far only words. To finally become convinced that the movie can be good if there is a standard plot and a lot of cliches, you need only look at this fascinating sports comedy. And who knows, maybe after watching this film your friends and relatives will tolerate much to the standard histories, if they are told just fun. But what about the fight with stamps? You know, for many it is already a familiar stamp …

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