Venezuelan SMEs

Every company has three goals: survival, growth and profitability. Jean Paul Sellenave in recent years, the Venezuelan business sector has not been active as it should be, especially, by the uncertainty which has manifested itself before the current Government policy that has been declared Socialist, coupled with actions it has undertaken, especially in exchange rate policy which has seriously affected the business sector, specifically to SMEs to obtain the foreign currency necessary for acquiring the documents necessary for its operation. Adding further economic uncertainty, inflation, government programs where actions that have demonstrated step by a turbulent, risky scenario manifests and little conducive for investment. All this has given way to a proliferation of micro-enterprises, especially by the high rate of unemployment, also coupled with the substantial increase in the informal economy.This reality of uncertainty, of the low activity of many SMEs has led to many Venezuelan situation to develop their own business and know how to interpret the opportunities presented, particularly to the need to generate money, survive. However, this new generation of micro-enterprises do not achieve its objective, for many reasons that require analysis and corrections, General transforms, that benefit them Venezuelan SMEs need changes, enabling it to operate in the current scenario, where it is known there are many variables that affect them, especially that of the State, where the actor has been determinant in its operation, by the actions he has undertaken towards its goal of instituting a socialism, which has called for the 21st century, ideology to which companies and even citizens were not prepared, most in a country where the political culture is very limited to certain sectors and not for all its inhabitants. SMEs through their participation in previous Governments neglected much strengthen many significant aspects that will ensure development, success, as your organizational architecture, technology, human resources, and certainly a visionary, creative, innovative management able to face the challenges, give step to necessary changes that take advantage of the opportunities that exist, correct the weaknesses that have and find a way as incorporated into Government plans that favor him in his survival, operability.