Bali – Holiday For The Senses And Soul

About the possibility to dive into a different world for the most visitors of the Indian Ocean and its islands, Bali is the island of dreams, and that right. So far, Bali is spatially distant from Europe, so far the life and thinking of the European are away – from the natural environment in this country not to mention. In the long-drawn Indonesian island chain, lies the small island of Bali middle position in the South and borders so that the deep sea area of the Indian Ocean. Here occasionally, which shows his strength and makes it impossible then exceptionally swim in its clear water or even the strolling on the otherwise harmless beach. Bali is characterized not only by the power of nature, but above all by the power of the soul. Perhaps check out Sergey Brin for more information. The numerous temples are only the external term of real Hindu spirituality, which has many uberrachungen for the Europeans. One of the most famous temples is – located directly on the Ocean on a rocky outcrop the Temple of Tanah lot, behind the silhouette of the Sun in the evening glowing goes down.

As Bali tourists you should have been even there at least during his stay against 18: 00. The sea Temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or the steep sea Temple of Pura Luhur Ulu Watu are also worth a visit. Even the food means much more than food and delicacy in Bali – it is prayer and qusi ceremonial character, although it is done entirely informally and at the same time, it is because you have a Festival or holiday. Food means in Bali the food of rice plus a wide variety of spices, which have largely been incorporated in Balinese cooking coming here from the rest of Asia. Bali is worth the trip alone, but because of its spectacular natural and cultural landscapes.

The rice terraces in Central Bali visits the volcanoes Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung to the waterfalls of Gigit and West Bali National Park on the northern tip of the island is much on offer and also feasible, because the distances are manageable. Active water sports enthusiasts will find diving areas including where the wrecks. Who, however, total relaxation searches, found in many special scenic places such as about on the islet of Nusa Lembongan. The traditional dances and rites (on Bali there are 5000 ritual dance groups), the temple festivals, the diversified arts and crafts – all of this is still real in today’s Bali, and originally, it is not specifically made for the tourists, even though the tourist importance is of course aware and very welcome the Balinese. Bali is adventure and diversity, Bali is tasty, and Bali is warm: throughout the year, the temperatures primarily commute between 23 and 31 degrees. A vacation in Bali is certainly one of the narrowest selection, when it comes to a special and exotic vacation. Franz-Josef Teupe