Sisma Spa Laserdays

Successful in-house exhibition at our sales partner ProAss GmbH in Aulendorf in the 7th and 8th of May 7 and may 8 held successfully Sisma s.p.a. one of their Laserdays with their cooperation partner ProAss GmbH in Aulendorf. Italian and local specialities interested in a relaxed atmosphere could test our systems for laser welding and laser marking and perform sampling. To know more about this subject visit Kevin Johnson. Our experts concrete projects were combined with discussed, welding, joining, but also laser labels with Datamatrixode to the traceability of products – about the issues with clever new leasing options, such as, for example, our “zero leasing”. Our event was rounded off by presentations on the topic of laser welding, which was interested in, for example, by the present Chamber of Commerce. The laser welding systems SWA were issued 150 and LM-D 60. The laser welding system SWA with 150 W power (optional 300 W) is ideally suited for the order (repair welding) in the mold. Due to its high mechanical flexibility and the easy, fast and safe operation, even the most difficult places can be reached and repaired. With the laser welding system ch-D with optional, joystick-controlled xyz table (available optionally as a closed desktop variant) can also smaller forms inserts are repaired but also delicate welding, for example, in medical technology are performed. We have our standalone marking system for industrial laser marking big Smark with 50 W fibre laser system demonstrated. This system is suitable for massive labels and maximum quantities. Through its flexible and easy to use, we could give many visitors how is easy to put such a system in its own facility. In summary this was again a successful event, which will be repeated soon also in other regions. This is complemented by our permanent demo tours, our exhibition programme as well as through our House exhibitions – finds the next instead of from June 6th to 8th.