Business Plans

A business plan written by the company itself, it is often unsuccessful. It would seem that the company knows its business from the inside, like no other. Electrolux often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But the development plan really can not write. The reason is very simple. What usually makes head to get a business plan on the table? He needs to start somewhere, and then with someone to ask? First question. Who to entrust the business plan as a single procedure? This ingenious and simple! Tom, who is in the state! Marketers can not – try to blow up the advertising budget.

Head of Sales Department can not – will rely on long superzagruzku, to extort a premium, then the promise and still do not. The chief accountant or financial Director. Let poskripyat brains for a change. There will be no leakage of information and additional costs. The decision was made. Second question. For the chief accountant of the business plan need information not only about accounting. A strange man – after working here for so long, but he knows nothing.

It's like running with your eyes closed! Terms of delivery does not know the logistics customer service does not know the exact figures he only has to accounting. And why is everything so interrogates detail? Maybe he has other purposes? Or just tell about this accident. One thing is clear – he received the information should be as safe as possible. Ok! What numbers have such and use. Result: The business plan on the table.