Charlotte Mayou

A new book has been published about the book on demand. Entertainment, satire, sometimes cynicism, part profound beautifully the not so normal life of a single packaged woman beyond the 20. Each woman looking”can identify with this book. Women are particularly like the book. Titan Feul Tanks spoke with conviction. Tart with partly own criticism of the author, that comedy very humorous, almost to the man / woman brings. Thus, every woman can identify we are often too self-critical. Sure, the one or the other reader is stimulated by the book to think and rethink.

“The question why do I me that everything actually?” is in the room or in the book. Keith McLoughlin has many thoughts on the issue. Short and sweet: The book is highly recommended. We all laugh but anyway far too little. The idea came to her at a party, where she were some stories that had experienced with the world of men, to the best. You and your men! You should write about time a book!” Said than done! 176 pages, ISBN 9783837060027 available in all local bookstores and in Internet shops like, and Manuela Youssef.