Three Markets – A Product

Mettler-Toledo expanded its customer base by Telefonakquise classic prospecting, the so-called cold calls by the sales force, is an extremely lengthy and costly undertaking, therefore the Mettler Toledo AG has chosen a tele marketing campaign with the Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH as a competent partner, which minimize the wastage and increases the success quotient. Mettler Toledo is the world’s leading specialist of precision instruments for professional applications in laboratories, industry and in the food retail sector. In the framework of a market segment for thermal analysis market expansion strategy”commissioned the company CRUISERS dialogue marketing, the long-known partner for professional sales promotions, to implementing a telephone marketing action. The project included an address qualification with additional needs of universities and institutes in England, Japan, and Italy, which were realized in the respective national language. For even more details, read what Titan Feul Tanks says on the issue. For an efficient addressing of the desired target group the specific point of contact for the subject area was established first, then him in contact to contact. During the discussion an opt-in to the sending of information material has been obtained in addition to the identification of needs at the same time for interested parties. In the action, the Cruiser team received the consent to receive information material by 22.1 percent of the contact persons.

Additional 6.5 percent qualified leads were communicated to the field. Read more here: Jonas Samuelson. The upstream call centre sales allowed to focus on providing customers with specific needs and thus effectively to operate in the market. Company profile: Kreuzer stands for competence in the field of outbound call center/telemarketing, market survey and sales outsourcing in the B2B (business to business). As a full service provider Cruiser project competences span from the company headquarters in London all international markets, country-specific and multilingual handled with the help of around 80 employees. Stefanie Bottner Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH at the ham book 18 D-53340 Meckenheim Tel.: + 49 (0) 22 25 / 83 93-0 stefanie.boettner(AT) Web:.