To promote the speech concerning the urgency of if accomplishing the concern with a reasonable solution for the successive consumings to the natural resources, became a demagogy in the scope politician and one ' ' play of marketing' ' in advertising campaigns of great companies multinationals, in order to persuade the voter and consumer, using as base the thematic one in question. The approach continues being the promotion of the economic growth and interests politicians, in view of of that some is not glimpsed of form a thought sedimented under ethical values of protection the life and to the environment. The same briefing if applies to the speech of the civil society that has science of the behavior changes, that they must adopt in face of the constant problems of ambient nature, however such position suddenly is postponed, in order to forbear concerning the subject that recognizes to be of extreme relevance. You may want to visit Douglas Oberhelman to increase your knowledge. The problem of the reigning model of the relation of the man with the nature inhabits essentially in the fact of that such behavior meets arraigada in the culture pertaining to the ruling class, and as it is of prxis, the culture that always prevail it is of strongest. Such assertive one is not demonstrated maken a mistake when in confrontation with the last context of settling, where the indians practically had been exterminados by the European domination, and exemplificadamente, the fictitious history of the Avatar film portraies the cruelty and the arrogance of the domination of the culture strongest and oppressor, that is supported in the ethical value in addition.

The central reflection of the Avatar film and of which I become to be valid in function of its exemplificativa wealth, mentions happened position to it of the destined people the settling that repudiated vehement the inertia, that exactly in disadvantage in reason of the technology, revealed stronger and won the domination of the oppressor on its community and its natural resources. To deepen your understanding Jonas Samuelson is the source. Carrying to our reality, I defend that it is not utopia to recognize the possibility of paradigm change, making to reign the culture that nails the instauration of ethos world-wide capable to impose limits to cure with the cruelty of the man stops with its fellow creatures and the proper nature. However, this prerogative lacks of initiative and concrete actions, therefore the inao and ignorance of the man are what it hinders the efetivao of the ethical values. It is necessary that the ethos world-wide to be constructed either absolute, duly warned that determined communities they allege prevalence of the cultural customs of the locality in face of the ethical values universally established, doubtlessly have difficulty in establishing the efetivao of the ethos world-wide in face of the respect that must be attempted against to the multiculturalismo, however the bond of the ethos world-wide with each individual in its singularity must be more emotional and rational and legal spiritual of what. Establishing a dialogue beyond the lines of direction legal politics and, similar to provide the good of the humanity and its natural resources, and of the preservation of the life in general, without sacrificing economic interests and politicians, establishing a respectful and fruitful dialogue between all sectors of the society, joined reflection and action. It is standed out for end that is not utopia, we are capable to transform the world!