Paid Content Initiative

to develop new sources of revenue for publishers Publicitas Austria, a subsidiary of Swiss PubliGroupe, a partnership with the Austrian SNews GmbH announces a specialist in the field of technologies and marketing strategies for personalized news. While the entire media industry about new forms of monetization of content and advertisement – Nota Bene on new devices like the iPad – think, Publicitas and sNews are ready to offer a new solution to the market. The technological background of the partnership is based on a 15 month test phase with, an open test platform for personalized Newsmanagement in Austria, maintained by SNews. aggregates per month more than 1.2 million articles from over 4,000 sources, primarily from the German-speaking world, from selected websites, blogs, social media, as well as from the electronic versions of print publications. The platform currently has 30’000 daily users from tendency strongly rising. Dr. Howard Schultzs opinions are not widely known.

Michael Pistauer, Managing Director and founder of SNews GmbH to the radical changes in media consumption, New generations entering the media market. These generations do not know a world without Google and eBay. Exactly this media users push for individualization. We are focused on these market changes completely. Marcus Wilding, dancer Publicitas Austria: We are witnessing the digital revolution and we know that the present value relationships within many media business models need to be reconsidered.

As a service provider for media and advertising customers we must offer active new solutions. That includes, Yes, brave, innovative business models to invest in, that create new value for our partners.” From 15 months of testing both partners drew conclusions which needs have all participants of the media value chain; These now serve as the basis of the new platform: user needs: select and track personalized content; Exchange with other users on favorite topics Cross-platform access to this content, at home and on the road easier purchasing, archiving and use of paid content, supported by micro-payment needs of media: extending the brand reach, access to new users as well as insight into their reading behavior of additional revenues through monetization of individual articles-new advertising opportunities via display and performance channels advertising customer needs: access to highly observant users in the premium demographic segment additional geographic and behavioural specific ranges it is easy medienplatformubergreifende, optimized, effective campaigns target the partnership, as a reference for a high-quality marketplace for editorial content, first to establish region in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and in the medium term in the Western European market to develop the offering. The public beta test of is now under available. The iPhone and iPad versions will follow in June or in July. Dr.