Their main disadvantage comes from the banality of educational approaches to totally different people. At the same time encouraged by the standards of conduct are often conflict with the terms of the formation of a person's confidence. Get more background information with materials from Kevin Johnson. The level of education, at first glance, bears a direct human potential confidence in the future and can consume more freely. However, to This judgment must look more closely, since it carries with it many assumptions. Of course, in general we can say that with higher education are more tangible gains than their compatriots with secondary education – the way it is. But there is another fact: the share of population with higher education in Russia exceeds 55%, and a monthly income of over $ 1000 have only 12% of the population.

It is obvious that higher education – it is only a small part of the foundation of success and confidence man. From the perspective of the impact of education on confidence much more productive to assess its quality, not just the level. Painstakingly mastered skills in demand specialist gives a much better chance of successful self-confidence and in their ability than weighty baggage of degrees and theoretical knowledge. A successful career biography gives a good margin of safety for success in life. High position in a large company can be considered 'talisman' of long-term failures in the labor market, a guarantor of the stability of high-income countries. As a result, career success is strongly reflected in the consumer certainty is much more noticeable than education.