Managers And Staff

Therefore advisable to: – identify those managers and staff who are really in contact with the outside companies and people – to publish their photographs in an appropriate see, for example, "About Us", "Management Company" or "Contact" – see "Contacts" to publish a photo manager, responsible for working with visitors to the site, next to the contact phone numbers. In my opinion, This photo should reflect a pleasant, have to communicate the exterior of the manager. In its absence or when running multiple managers, you can come up with a collective image – that is, virtual manager, whose photograph can be downloaded from the Internet. Just do not overdo it with this photo – very relaxed and conscript picture, downloaded from specific sites may not attract those customers that you need:) 7) Publish personal information on the head of the company. If you decide to publish photos of the major parties, it is best to do this in the section "Management Company", together with some personal data. So you should choose amount of the personal information which will serve to improve confidence in the site and the company itself.

It can be: – the main stages in life and a career path – the existence of scientists and / or professional degrees and titles; – Hobbies Rights – Information about family and children. This kind of personal notes is best left to write professionally trained specialists, saying again, what goal should be to pursue each of the notes. 8) The scheme office location and directions the possibility to travel.