Beautiful Bathroom Furniture

Every bathroom needs a wardrobe to store and to camouflage, utensils. Good bathroom furniture makes the most of the space and budget will be used taking into account some ideas. It should also be aesthetic and even artistic. Open and closed it possible to get a large storage area with a bathroom cabinet that you may be fitting a small washbasin, without overfill the environment. The secret is to combine open and closed areas, and mirror surfaces using double space. If space permits you can incorporate in a closet attached a great height, but very clever: no doors and several wooden shelves to break up the vertical appearance. Under the sink you can install a closet Bottom blown to create a greater sense of space, and the interior subdivision that has no waste. A false round table need not always buy a new bathroom cabinet.

Just a few more meters of fabric to transform a simple melamine cabinet 70 x 45 x 100 cm in a practical and charming cabinet. Read more here: Douglas R. Oberhelman. First you remove the cabinet doors and place shelves, in order to use the interior space for storage. Then you have to wear the cabinet by way of a round table. Should choose fabrics that match the curtains and ceramic walls to create a harmonious whole. And, if you give it a more welcoming, have over a lamp, some books or some towels or decorative accessory that fits your style.

A removable cabinet rental apartments in the not worth doing as bathroom furniture under the sink top, because then you can not fit into the new house. It is much more practical to install a movable container, which can be transferred smoothly and placed in any corner. You can, for example, use a small wooden drawers to give the note of warmth to the cold tiles of the bathroom. It complements the decor with a plant or a wicker chair to help you complete a comfortable atmosphere. Another alternative to consider is to have a cabinet with wheels. They are very handy because they can move comfortably and In addition, upgrading the environment. Any small piece of furniture we have left at home can be converted to having a bit of imagination.