The customer can permanently monitor all the actions and by the WebCampaignManager to evaluate the profitability of its rewards or cashback action. As a result, a high degree of transparency is guaranteed. For even more details, read what Howard Schultz says on the issue. In addition, the contact to set appointments receives comprehensive project updates from PORTICA. Finally done PORTICA complete shipping with track & trace and ensures that every customer with a personal cover letter Gets the correct premium. Premiums can be issued also in the form of crossed cheque in a cashback promotion for customers.

PORTICA takes over the handling, as well as the accounting audit, thereby guaranteed budget and process reliability through extensive business intelligence. Individual advertising mailings easily realize over the Web so can companies via the Web2Print solution by PORTICA individual promotional mailings, while respecting uniform appearance easily and quickly create. This concept is particularly suitable in particular for regional distributed businesses, for example, franchises or chains. An online marketing platform displays the available materials such as letters, flyers and inserts. These can then be enriched with individual components, such as, for example, the address. The advertising media are then the pressure available. In addition, PORTICA offers complete mailing shipping. To the user fills out online request form within the Web2Print application, about the appropriate data are then selected.

PORTICA merges the data set with the letter, print the personalized documents and are available in the shipping. Using reports, which are available in the PORTICA Web2Print application available, the user has insight into the current processing status at any time. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading marketing logistics provider on the German Market and optimized for customer marketing, sales and information processes. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in the action business, mailings, in advertising, in contract logistics and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus lies in the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management.