American Dollar

By news economics USD the dollar rebounded after U.S. Jobless Claims data on Thursday, the dollar managed to advance against the yen and against the main currencies, especially after the release of the Jobless Claims. Apparently, the American economy has already passed through its point lower. The American currency closed with a rise of 0.2 per cent against the euro, reaching the $1.3235 while against the yen advanced 0.9% and closed at 99.00. noted that American unemployment allowances were reduced during this last period, and several analysts interpreted such data as signs of stabilization in the American labor market.

If the American economy continues to show signs of recovery, can the dollar again returns to score points as a key currency in the world. On the other hand, the position of the Fed was consistent in terms of the fall registered in the GDP of 6.1% for the first quarter. Also, the question regarding Chrysler, with regard to its possible restructuring to the purpose of avoiding quiebra la, added some relief in the market. If that company would end up breaking, the dollar might be injured with force. EUR EURO under pressure given the data of unemployment on Thursday, the euro gave ground against the dollar, after the gains that had been previous days. In what was a volatile session, the euro fell 0.2% reaching $1.3224. And more it had early recorded values in the area of $1.3190.

It is worth noting that unemployment in the Euro zone climbed the 8.9% during March, encrypts the posted wholesale in February, according to communications carried out by Eurostat. After the 8.7 per cent in February, the Euro area continues to show signs of decay. On the other hand, inflation data remain at lows, registering at 0.6% compared to April of last year. On 7 may the ECB sesionaria and estimated he would try to manage an inflation rate of 2% in addition to reducing the rates of interest towards a possible level of 1.0%.The pound, on the other hand, showed no major changes to the dollar and closed at $1.4783.