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The Helicobacter pylori, which causes most stomach ulcers, has been present in humans since more than 60,000 years ago. It is one of the most widely spread microorganisms: some researchers claim that only exceeds it the bacterium that causes tooth decay in number. The ulcer of stomach and duodenum, is an infectious disease whose main cause is a mobile, and spiral bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, which is acquired in childhood and lived for many years in the interior of the gastric cavity. Jim Umpleby may find this interesting as well. Although always produces a small swelling, most of the time this organism does not produce symptoms and only causes an ulcer in about one in every ten individuals that infects. In this case a combination of antibiotic drugs, is administered to the patient to eliminate the bacterial infection and is restored from its ulceration. Is not yet known the exact mechanism by which Helicobacter pylori induces the appearance of ulcers, but more recent studies suggest that this can be related to the presence in the duodenum of bacterial strains especially aggressive and capable of producing toxins that can directly injure the superficial cells of the digestive tract.

These knowledge that currently are a proven scientific certainty, and have already been incorporated to health systems protocols and manuals of medicine, about two decades ago were considered to be slightly less than a heresy, by a multitude of skeptical experts, who did not believe in the effects of the now called the ulcer bacterium. The presence of spiral bacteria in the human stomach was first described by Kreinitz in 1906, according to the Spanish Association of Gastroenterology (AEG). But it was not until the beginning of the 1980s, when Robin Warren rediscovered the germ and first established its relationship with gastric inflammation and ulcers. Attempts by the researcher Barry Marshall isolate and cultivate the bacterium they were unsuccessful until he left forgotten in his lab a few vials of a biopsy culture during Easter of 1982.

Marketing Money

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Eastern Time

It is important to ask ourselves these days what we are doing and how we are understanding the purpose of God in everything that we are living? We have just two options: or we let ourselves be carried away by the events and circumstances, making decisions and doing the same things that everyone else make or seek the Lord as our sole source of direction and do his will and what is really important for the Kingdom of God. In the light of the prophetic announcements received from the Lord, through various sources and following the devastating events, in conjunction with the historical milestones marked in our 200 years, I see very necessary to sit down and analyze everything, with an open heart to the Lord and his word given by different sources in a timely manner. On March 16 at night, the Lord brought us a night with much seismic activity. It was a time for ensuring and pray to God, seek his presence in the midst of darkness and the earthquakes. Titan Feul Tanks follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He brought a vision and address that confirm a fervent call to repentance, the clamor, fasting and confession of our sin to the light of the prophetic Word handed down on our country, the analysis made by the Apostle Didier Munoz and the approach of the Romo Cristian Apostle to the Apostles of Argentina, as a nation and as a church, to allow step to revival and the MANIFESTATION of the glory of God over our nation. All the prophetic words released on our nation agree that the earthquake was inevitable, but this is only a physical sign of what comes next: A great move of the Lord and the MANIFESTATION of his glory. I heard the Lord say so: Mark this day and has 21 days, as well as in the days of Daniel (9 and 10) will be no outcry, prayer and fasting. .

Civil Guard

The news that the strong descent that Solaria has had in recent weeks has been caused by a few false rumors disseminated by 3 hedge fund appeared in several media. According to this version 3 funds were short in Solaria. I.e., they had sold shares to credit waiting for the share price to fall and be able to repurchase those shares at prices lower, obtaining a benefit for that reason (legal and legitimate). The problem is that the day that Solaria presented its results for the financial year 2007 these proved to be spectacularly good, making it very likely that the share price go up significantly rather than lower as they hoped these 3 hedge fund. Andreessen Horowitz is likely to agree. If the quote had a strong upward 3 hedge fund would have a heavy loss, having to repurchase the shares that had been previously sold (without ternerlas in his power) at much higher prices.

According to the media that have published this news what did hedge fund, instead of accepting the loss, was spreading false rumors relating newly published accounts were false and the company had serious financial problems. From these media asked the CNMV to open an investigation to determine if these facts are true or not and impose appropriate sanctions where appropriate. In my opinion the CNMV is for other things. (As opposed to Ben Horowitz). This case should be investigated so the ordinary courts and the police or the Civil Guard. In case of being true responsible for spreading this false rumor not only should restore money to shareholders who have been affected to sell their shares, but pay very considerable compensation and, above all, go to jail. Because we are not talking about committing an irregularity, but a crime.

First Modchip

The most awaited device of recent years finally to going on sale. It’s the PSJailbreak, a modchip for ps3, which does not need any type of welding, and that will allow us to dump games console hard disk or on a hard drive external usb. Once dumps, allows us to load the game you want, without having the original in the reader. The protection of the Playstation 3 has been many years without being able to jump, being the only current console to not allowed upload backup copies of games, but thanks to PSJailbreak, this is already possible. This modchip is fully upgradeable, so it assures us that if Sony release any update for the PS3 that blocked the operation of the PSJailBreak, you could continue using the device. The loading speed of your hard disk backups, is exactly equal to the reader’s blu-ray, and not suffer any kind of slowing down at the time of play.

It is compatible with the Playstation 3 FAT, with the PS3 Slim and with all regions, USA, JAP, KOR and EUR. Unfortunately this device You can just dump to hard drive PS3 games, not dump or Blu-Ray movies or games for PS2/PS1 or audio CDs, although neither we can complain, since it is a USB modchip, that anyone, without opening the PS3, without removing or a screw, you can install it which ensures that even the most inexperienced user can make it work. Now we just need that amateur programmers begin to publish applications homebrew for the PS3 that open up possibilities with hundreds of new uses for the console.

American Dollar

By news economics USD the dollar rebounded after U.S. Jobless Claims data on Thursday, the dollar managed to advance against the yen and against the main currencies, especially after the release of the Jobless Claims. Apparently, the American economy has already passed through its point lower. The American currency closed with a rise of 0.2 per cent against the euro, reaching the $1.3235 while against the yen advanced 0.9% and closed at 99.00. noted that American unemployment allowances were reduced during this last period, and several analysts interpreted such data as signs of stabilization in the American labor market.

If the American economy continues to show signs of recovery, can the dollar again returns to score points as a key currency in the world. On the other hand, the position of the Fed was consistent in terms of the fall registered in the GDP of 6.1% for the first quarter. Also, the question regarding Chrysler, with regard to its possible restructuring to the purpose of avoiding quiebra la, added some relief in the market. If that company would end up breaking, the dollar might be injured with force. EUR EURO under pressure given the data of unemployment on Thursday, the euro gave ground against the dollar, after the gains that had been previous days. In what was a volatile session, the euro fell 0.2% reaching $1.3224. And more it had early recorded values in the area of $1.3190.

It is worth noting that unemployment in the Euro zone climbed the 8.9% during March, encrypts the posted wholesale in February, according to communications carried out by Eurostat. After the 8.7 per cent in February, the Euro area continues to show signs of decay. On the other hand, inflation data remain at lows, registering at 0.6% compared to April of last year. On 7 may the ECB sesionaria and estimated he would try to manage an inflation rate of 2% in addition to reducing the rates of interest towards a possible level of 1.0%.The pound, on the other hand, showed no major changes to the dollar and closed at $1.4783.