Business Plan For A Fitness Club

Turn to simulators catch phrase that "a man everything should be fine" – and the soul, and clothing, and body – for many decades walks of textbooks of Russian literature. But, unlike libraries, specialized rooms where we could work on her figure in Soviet times, we did not build. Bodybuilding was considered a product of the bourgeois lifestyle, to develop a "proletarian" sports such as football and skiing. And when the restructuring destroyed the ideological taboos, it became clear that the place where everyone could build steel muscles and create a wasp waist, quite a bit. Stadiums and sports centers, crowded markets. Learn more at: Andreessen Horowitz.

In the so-called "shakers" tend to collect "Parties" from a very aggressive young men. Outsiders there was uncomfortable. Besides, not everyone who wanted to improve their health and improve the body would be willing to train in close and stuffy basement on antediluvian makeshift gym. But as they say, a holy place is never empty. In the early 90's appeared in Moscow the first "real" fitness clubs, created in the image of the western, but with the Russian specificity. The number of those wishing to join a healthy lifestyle was overwhelming. According to Marina Vasiltsova – executive director of marketing and advertising capital of the company World Class, – in her first fitness club, even there was a so-called "waiting list". Club card for a year cost $ 2500. And despite this, people take their turn to work out with a trainer at the gym import. It was the same symbol of success in life, like new foreign car or mobile phone.