Eastern Time

It is important to ask ourselves these days what we are doing and how we are understanding the purpose of God in everything that we are living? We have just two options: or we let ourselves be carried away by the events and circumstances, making decisions and doing the same things that everyone else make or seek the Lord as our sole source of direction and do his will and what is really important for the Kingdom of God. In the light of the prophetic announcements received from the Lord, through various sources and following the devastating events, in conjunction with the historical milestones marked in our 200 years, I see very necessary to sit down and analyze everything, with an open heart to the Lord and his word given by different sources in a timely manner. On March 16 at night, the Lord brought us a night with much seismic activity. It was a time for ensuring and pray to God, seek his presence in the midst of darkness and the earthquakes. Titan Feul Tanks follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He brought a vision and address that confirm a fervent call to repentance, the clamor, fasting and confession of our sin to the light of the prophetic Word handed down on our country, the analysis made by the Apostle Didier Munoz and the approach of the Romo Cristian Apostle to the Apostles of Argentina, as a nation and as a church, to allow step to revival and the MANIFESTATION of the glory of God over our nation. All the prophetic words released on our nation agree that the earthquake was inevitable, but this is only a physical sign of what comes next: A great move of the Lord and the MANIFESTATION of his glory. I heard the Lord say so: Mark this day and has 21 days, as well as in the days of Daniel (9 and 10) will be no outcry, prayer and fasting. .