First Modchip

The most awaited device of recent years finally to going on sale. It’s the PSJailbreak, a modchip for ps3, which does not need any type of welding, and that will allow us to dump games console hard disk or on a hard drive external usb. Once dumps, allows us to load the game you want, without having the original in the reader. The protection of the Playstation 3 has been many years without being able to jump, being the only current console to not allowed upload backup copies of games, but thanks to PSJailbreak, this is already possible. This modchip is fully upgradeable, so it assures us that if Sony release any update for the PS3 that blocked the operation of the PSJailBreak, you could continue using the device. The loading speed of your hard disk backups, is exactly equal to the reader’s blu-ray, and not suffer any kind of slowing down at the time of play.

It is compatible with the Playstation 3 FAT, with the PS3 Slim and with all regions, USA, JAP, KOR and EUR. Unfortunately this device You can just dump to hard drive PS3 games, not dump or Blu-Ray movies or games for PS2/PS1 or audio CDs, although neither we can complain, since it is a USB modchip, that anyone, without opening the PS3, without removing or a screw, you can install it which ensures that even the most inexperienced user can make it work. Now we just need that amateur programmers begin to publish applications homebrew for the PS3 that open up possibilities with hundreds of new uses for the console.