Rubro One

There, it all constructed a stadium in concrete, considered for Adolpho Schermann, still in the decade of 60, one of the best ones of the city: with covering in the social ones, electric installations, proper generator, ample and aired fencing, dressings room. Years later, it was baptized as Lenidas Stadium Da Silva, in homage to the biggest revelation of all the history of the club. Its capacity, initially for 10 a thousand torcedores, already held 15 a thousand and currently cf is of 2 a thousand (. I register in cadastre National of Stadiums of Soccer, the CBF, 2009). Beyond the stadium, the headquarters of the club count on a swimming pool, an academy of martial arts and one boutique, where it is possible to acquire shirts and shimstocks of expeditious Rubro-Indigo : of 3 Saturday, the 9:00 to the 18:00. The Bonsucesso it is known as leopoldinense bosom. Or simply Leopoldino, mascote created by the Argentine cartunista Lorenzo Springs, in the decade of 1940 (to see the chapter ' ' First mascote' ' , in our book Of the deep one of the trunk). ' ' Seu' ' Leopoldino, a distinct gentleman of tender, necktie, cartola and umbrella, was a personage whom it searched to portray a species of torcedor-symbol of the club.

In the words of rubronegro Jose Lins of Rego (apud Coutinho), ' ' he is man of good, good conscience, good proceder' ' , and that ' ' one day grandeza&#039 will have its; '. Speaking in Leopoldino, the games with the Pottery are known as ' ' Leopoldinense&#039 classic; '. The proper region where the clubs are both is known as Zone of the Leopoldina. In the fifteen stations of the EF Leopoldina until Gramacho, ten compose the Zone of the Leopoldina, Manguinhos the General Vicar, passing for Bonsucesso and Olaria. with well next stations to both the clubs: Bonsucesso station and Station Peter Ernest, respectively.