Safe Work In Internet

It is now difficult to find a computer that has Internet access. And how many people know what dangers lurk in its open spaces? You can often hear: 'I just sit in' Classmates' or download music and movies. I have to computer classified information but let them steal. It bags need to be afraid. They turn their money over the Internet. Read more from Electrolux to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

" Or something like that. It seems that there is nothing to object. But we still try. Quick list of threats ascending order of their impact: E-mail inundated with e-mail spamom.Blokirovka as with your address is your user mailing spama.Perehvat dannyh.Perehvat personal information (you store on your computer copies of any documents?) 'scam' for SMS (that's financial losses.) Diversion of funds from the account of mobile phone (cheating on stoimtosti SMS). Encrypt data on your computer (for decoding SMS). lock boot system (release of SMS).

Stealing money from the accounts and credit cards (this is for those who engage in online banking). By the way, for mobile phones all of the above, to a lesser extent, but also relevant. I will not describe how this is done (all I do not know), but how to minimize risk will understand. Those who feel themselves safe by installing Kaspersky firewall or fancy, are profoundly mistaken. This is a good and quality insurance, but not absolute protection. Use of this type of program is necessary and should definitely watch the timely installation of updates of the programs themselves and their virus definitions.