Frames, as we know, are everything. Or almost everything. Interview the candidates and evaluate their compliance with the post – a key step in the selection. And the most important task in the work of the internal recruiter (HR-manager, personnel officer) any enterprise. And for small businesses – and the manager. The more a recruiter knows about the candidate, the better it is "armed" to make the right decision. Understanding why the candidate is seeking a new job is key. There are many benefits for the interview, some are too academic, some behind the times. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge.

Our daily practice has shown: that's 10 key points that should ferret out, find out every recruiter at any cost. All parts of the compensation package at the last place of work. Need to find out exactly how to build a structure of income of the candidate. The base rate of pay – often just the tip of the iceberg now. Learn about the system bonuses, awards and loans. Make a complete list of all additional payments to the candidate and his mortgage payments.

If your company is not able to offer better terms – you are wasting your time … time traveling to work and back. What transportation is whether transplant? Especially true for large cities. Now the duration of "life in the transport and traffic" is already one of the indicators of "quality of life." If you travel in your company will be candidate for a more tedious than his past work, tell him about it directly and analyze his reaction.


In principle, we can cite examples of non-work related. Provided that they demonstrate your skills to those that actually come in handy in the future. Question 4. Tell us about a situation where you are in a conflict in a group of colleagues or misunderstood. Option: How do you resolve conflicts? Correct: Give an example of negligence of subordinates, and how you fix the situation … The examples should be limited to industrial relations. In fact, recruiters are always looking for people who get along well with other people, but at the same time solve the problem posed by. They are looking for someone who can rise above the conflict and emotions, to find a solution win-win.

The error is not the time to tell how much you hate your current boss or colleagues! Nor should we say, how hard to work in your company and how many arguments you have to change jobs. Nor can we say: "I never have problems with other people." Comment. This question gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills and experience of teamwork. The interviewer is looking for expressions of maturity and ability to stay calm, while others around you are losing them. Not Think of what you are waiting for a complete solution. Rather – an example of how you worked out a collective decision, taking into account the views of different parties. Learn more at: Ben Horowitz. Question 5. Where and who do you see yourself in 3/5/10 years? Option: How do you see your work career (the plan to do) after 2 years (five, ten years)? That's right: It should answer you in the future career plan, formulating goals and stages of personal career.

Job Applicant

There is increasing Articles the importance of persuasive messages. They speak about how to subdue potential applicants compelling content, how to highlight text in perspective in the work, rather than strict requirements for candidates. It is important that Job Applicant easily found and then responded to it. But there is another aspect that is often overlooked when looking for the best employees: the importance of long-term prospects and the company's image by using ad. In other words, branding companies and jobs. By branding job is "binding" job with something significant, such as the large project of the conquest of the market, the output of new products / services development career.

Ask the candidates, whether your company has a "good place to work." If 60% respond yes – this is a good result. Give candidates a chance to see more advantages and prospects for your company. This is a big influence on candidate choice, when he had several job offers. This affects the choice of his family and friends when he consults with them (and he does it!). More about branding the company as an employer – to become a brand, as an important condition for hunting talents.

4. Squeeze all of the company's website. Develop your corporate website, not only as a platform for the sale of goods and services but also as a platform for the sale of "a good place to work." Almost 90% corporate sites that I get – unsuccessful in attracting talented employees. At best, they can only attract more candidates.


Let’s talk about freelancing and freelancers. I first heard this word, of course, after becoming a user of the Internet, because the work of a freelancer is directly linked to the Internet and also thrives because of it. So, what Freelance is and who is a freelancer? In English, frelanser – free worker. That is the person who is not related to the employer by any treaty, is not registered in the state and works when it wants and what he wants. In other words – the remote worker, working away. Jim Umpleby gathered all the information. The modern style of this work remotely suggests that a freelancer, and his employer communicate with each other only via the Internet and are never found in real life.

Yes it may be impossible if, for example the employer and the freelancer living in different parts of the world. Whether this phenomenon is prevalent today? Yes, very common even in civilized countries. For example, in United States For more than 50% of the total working population make it remotely from their desktops. In Russia and in CIS countries is only developing a freelance and a lot of people do not even have heard such words, and do not have a clue about its meaning. Thus, low literacy rate …. There are various forms of freelancing and do not always communicate with his employer podchenennymi only using the telephone or the Internet. For example, there are such forms of remote work, when Freelance work at home, but at least once a month is required to appear in the office to personally get a new scope of work or give instructions to his podchenennym.

E-Business, Website Business Cards

E-business – a business based on information of Internet technologies to ensure optimal interaction between business partners and the possibility of creating a mobile office. E-business can include: sales, marketing, financial analysis, payment, personnel search, user support, support for partnerships, the internal organization of the office, dokumentoooborot. Created by – this is the first step to the successful launch of your business on the Internet. E-business – a business in which business processes, exchange of business information and automate business processes through information systems. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Umpleby has to say. A considerable part of making use of Internet technology for data transfer and provide Web-services. E-business – the combined set of classes for the concept of IT, automate the sales performance of the office. In addition to e commerce, providing support for the entire value chain of the office. Internet e-business can use absolyutnopo differently.

Approach of companies working with private individuals (business-to-consumer) will differ from that of the companies working with other companies (business-to-business). But in each case, the new e-business capabilities will be used to reduce the costs of negotiating and carrying out transactions. The difference between the objectives are not affect this fact. One of the most common misconceptions is the following: Create a web site, and buyers will come themselves. " E-business environment requires a certain freedom from formality. In this – one of the problems for elektronoogo business.

Sergei Mavrodi

With a little ingenuity you immediately understand such a pyramid, and therefore do not get caught at it. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. Now would be an example of the pyramid is more difficult, if it can be called a pyramid – you advertise a "magic purse" and "exchange rate on the super," etc. Everything is easier as dirt: first you read a few pages the story of how he lived, was an honest man who threw a scam, because he believed them, but he never got over it, studied this scam for a long time and "as found in a hole work ". Now, as an honest citizen should do it this useful information to share with you. Or alternatively it to "punish" the fear alone, but with you, then he was not scared.

This pyramid is also easy to implement, the only difficulty, and even that is not for the organizers that the text writes a good psychologist and you are very hard to not believe. And now, when you read all the previous'll tell you about the "real pyramids." Sure that all heard about the "MMM", organized by Sergei Mavrodi. I am sure that about one third of those who read the line above says, then we also have thrown. Remember why so many people believe them? Well if you do not remember / not sure this is not terrible – for Then you read this article and. They had a few key points I will highlight the most important: 1. Efficient organization "headquarters." 2.

Internet Contract

In what publications to advertise the vacancy? Should I use more than the usual number of paid services on the Internet and resources? Should we encourage and pay for overtime work on a recruiter's jobs? How much financial costs will ensure the best outcome? (Given the lack of payment and the presence of a staffing agency, like any other commercial company the cost of rent, employees, taxes, advertising, money communications, office equipment, etc.) All these questions are not if the work is a vacancy for an exclusive contract with a recruitment agency. The agency uses an exclusive way of searching for his many, without a hitch existing information channels. The completeness and breadth of advertising, plus additional interest from recruiters ensure the effectiveness of the work on the vacancy and, ultimately, the success of the transaction. Such time and cost are possible only if the company is confident that you will cooperate with her. 5. Savings in costs for personnel selection We offer guaranteed discounts for companies wishing to work on exclusive contract with our agency.

Signed an exclusive contract – and the staffing agency will spend money and time for selecting the best employees for your vacancies. 6. Ability to work with highly Specialist recruitment of the professional qualifications of the personnel in our agency are correct and tact. Therefore, if the Company waives the exclusive contract, then we will never You impose this form of work. However, we must understand that the priority for our agency is just working on exclusive contracts, which confirms the seriousness of the client. When submitting an application in several agencies, the customer, thus creating a situation, known as "Greyhounds", involving several performers in it, none of whom has a guarantee that it costs to work on the vacancy will be repaid, the the most encouraging of all the desire to beat the competition, which often leads to degraded performance.

Without signing an exclusive contract, you do put yourself at a disadvantage compared to those who have chosen this form work. Of course, this does not mean that the manager of our staffing agency will not work on your job with due diligence! Just a job may take longer. But the decision is yours. Expediency, efficiency, gain recognition and customer service supported by exclusive practices. The percentage of successfully completed orders for recruitment than on the impact of realized orders standard contract services, and by the time the selection process for them much faster. This is the most eloquent argument in favor of an exclusive service for recruitment!

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Perhaps this bias is, because she had recently had ditenysha. And one small nephew broke my passport and fled to the bathroom to drink immediately ASL. Lucky: she had no chlorine. Their child into the hands of young, I will not give only his grandmother. But sometimes it differently: young trust, according to advanced and teachers are well paid. A ukatyvayut themselves in a restaurant. Together with dityami way, you can walk the dog and the master's take a double fee.

Nyanstvo paid pretty well. But remember, dear students, that children should be very love to make them a nice presence. Fitness instructor, skiing, aerobics if you're doing sports, skiing, aerobics regularly, you have its own method, or "discharge", come in numerous sports clubs: very easy schedule, the combination of pleasant (you raduyuschego sports) and useful (this fee). List of All sports facilities look in the magazines "Bill", "Leisure". Masseur If you graduated or completed medical school or now learn in medical school, try to get a certificate masseur.

You can earn money at home or get to the salon. Session manulnoy therapy costs from 100 to 400 rubles depending on the skill of massage and purse client. Consultants, vendors. The field of application is very broad: from the interior to the market of cellular communication and cars. About 200-300 dollars are sellers of home appliances and mobile phones. Modest salaries in the market, everything depends on host-a chance to be deceived. Ice Cream Vendors, newspapers, technology, usually due to weather conditions, is of little money.

Effectively Make Money Online

How do you know that in an Internet scam and probably thousands of spacecraft, each of you entered in the search engines 'how to make money online' but in most cases, you are deceived. So here are the most effective ways to make money on the Internet: 1. Most popular, but it all depends on you. – It's earnings for the files, there are two popular sharing this letitbit depositfiles and as for me it is better because depositfiles with more people download it. – You fill up my files on any file sharing and distribute their network and the more people will download your files the more you will receive money. – Registration for depositfiles: You must have Z purse if you do not have it then go on and register and then create z purse. Go to When registering, indicate your purse z, e-mail, etc. After you fill your registered or modified files are downloaded from the Internet for sharing and distributing them online.

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This income is surfing Clicking over for some links and getting money for it. – Checking in here: after performing a task such as: register or on any site, etc. income of 10 rubles to infinity is You can work as many jobs as there is. Again, it all depends on you. PS Remember once and for all, the Internet freebies NO!

Safe Work In Internet

It is now difficult to find a computer that has Internet access. And how many people know what dangers lurk in its open spaces? You can often hear: 'I just sit in' Classmates' or download music and movies. I have to computer classified information but let them steal. It bags need to be afraid. They turn their money over the Internet. Read more from Electrolux to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

" Or something like that. It seems that there is nothing to object. But we still try. Quick list of threats ascending order of their impact: E-mail inundated with e-mail spamom.Blokirovka as with your address is your user mailing spama.Perehvat dannyh.Perehvat personal information (you store on your computer copies of any documents?) 'scam' for SMS (that's financial losses.) Diversion of funds from the account of mobile phone (cheating on stoimtosti SMS). Encrypt data on your computer (for decoding SMS). lock boot system (release of SMS).

Stealing money from the accounts and credit cards (this is for those who engage in online banking). By the way, for mobile phones all of the above, to a lesser extent, but also relevant. I will not describe how this is done (all I do not know), but how to minimize risk will understand. Those who feel themselves safe by installing Kaspersky firewall or fancy, are profoundly mistaken. This is a good and quality insurance, but not absolute protection. Use of this type of program is necessary and should definitely watch the timely installation of updates of the programs themselves and their virus definitions.