Social Media Game Takes The Fast Track To

Team players are not alone: the social media game of OKAHRA and Spieltz excited the community… Berlin, the 25.08.2010 – OKAHRA, a creative game developer announced today the drafting phase of the social media game on. In this way, a pioneering idea in the pole’s position that rampant viral. Background of this idea is the call for a board game about social media. It aims, the world of Facebook, to explain Twitter and co. in a playful way and provide information on opportunities and possibilities. The game is a cooperative project of stARTconference, Spieltz and OKAHRA, is developed with the Internet community together and presented for the first time on the startconference. Playful to success “our team is particularly proud of a possibility to have found non – or little users of social media platforms whose benefits and functioning, of course also for business users fun to show up.”, know Marcel Kerkow, founder and CEO of OKAHRA.

“We look forward for the development of the game with Karin Janner of Spieltz to work together. Spieltz is the “game Publisher 2.0? “- Games by the community, for the community, print on demand and on plane”. On each request to the community developed the game with and believed the bloggers, as the world has been waiting long. There are plenty of reasons for this positive assessment: the social media game is the first open source board game. After successful testing, in which everyone can participate, is it will be available for free download. If you are interested, the game can be also customized and adapted. About OKAHRA OKAHRA is a creative company with headquarters in Berlin and a specialist in the design, planning and implementation of play and playful concepts.

OKAHRA was founded in 2009. As a company with network character, it is partner for companies, associations and institutions. Furthermore address the projects of the company support of educational institutions and schools. Saskia KLINGENBERG