I just ask you to call a spade a spade. Miracles do not happen, dear critics. It's about money. Reliability, functionality and security costs money. About them later. Three perpetrators much more.

Most critics foaming at the mouth incriminating AvtoVAZ did not even realize that the quality of AvtoVAZ car is primarily a quality of components. Problems with the assembly of machines is much smaller than the problems with the components themselves, of which is going to machine. So I suggest to ease the pressure on 70 000 employees, and unleash your AvtoVAZ righteous anger of a million employees of hundreds of factories, suppliers, AvtoVAZ second and third lines. Here they are real pests! Make the metal of which then make machine parts that are then painted and assembled on AvtoVAZ. Oh, and some make plastics, which are processed to obtain the toughness, elasticity, color and many other properties. Of then poured plastics, plastic parts that are going to "major pests" in AvtoVAZ.

And paint, motors, wiring and much more. Hundreds of companies are working all over Russia, can be your friends or relatives are fed with these companies, distinguished criticism. They also need to "send home"? 4 Secrets of quality cars quality can not appear out of nowhere. It is a combination of excellent design of the machine, the quality of components, skills, and reliable equipment. All this requires money, time and money again! Equipment in the factories that produce components, have long been obsolete. Skilled workers leave much to be desired (hello Soviet PTU).

Thorns? Pros And Cons

Denote the theme of our discussion today – how to put winter tires: studded or not …. I confess to this topic so much has been written and stated that probably can not be original. However, we try to express their views on the subject. That put the winter tires should be, I hope to convince anyone not need (do not take into account the southern regions of our country). In our work we will not delve into the wilds of the choice of makes and models – a matter of taste and purse.

But many probably rose to choose between studs or not, and it does not matter – you are the owner of a new or used car – on the ice are all equal. In our opinion the choice should be based on actual conditions, which you move around the planet in the cold season. If you live in a major metropolis, which occasionally utilities still take the trouble to clean up the roads, you can try and do neshipovannoy rubber. No account should be taken to leave the garage arrays, yards and other adjacent areas, where often struggle with the ice is permanent. Another point – if you is not going on a long and far leave the house. All these conditions are satisfied – you're lucky, because you can not afford to ride a studless tires, enjoying the peace and decent handling on pavement.

If your on the road often you can find water in its solid form (snow, ice, etc.) and it is there long enough or often have to travel out of town – most likely you have to buy a "spike." Explain the choice of try in our next paragraph. When choosing a winter tire will be no harm to remember that they are the result of engineering, trying to combine the bus, seemingly incompatible things. For example, the bus must have decent handling on ice and dry pavement, you confidently snow-water slush, a small braking distances in all conditions, be cost-effective, low noise, low cost and so on. Combine it all in one – is impossible. On that the design of pre-prioritize the circumstances in which the rubber will be used. Accordingly studless tires, designed primarily to "European" winter, will be advantage over the spiked Indicators on the pavement (as dry and wet), and correspondingly lose in the "winter" tire-round discipline. Unfortunately there are no miracles, but sometimes want to. In the automotive press few highlights issues long-term use of tires. In our opinion studless tires subject to change to a stronger performance over time and increase mileage. This is due to characteristics of the tread pattern and rubber composition. Studded tires are also losing their properties, but not so explicitly. Another point on which you want to pay attention – studless tires can more fully express themselves in vehicles with ABS, again because of the features of the tread pattern. If your car is not ABS – we would have chosen spikes. We hope that a little help you in choosing winter tires. We wish you smooth roads and polite drivers.

Wedding Convoy

Forget about the problems associated with the organization of transport guests from the wedding location to the place of registration or celebration of your wedding day. Leave these worries festive agencies that provide so-called "shuttle" services. The most popular to date are: horse-drawn carriage. This is without a doubt the most romantic trip. Trolley walnut decorated with flowers and silk ribbons in her drawn by two horses, which choose the couple. Typically, horse-drawn carriage used to walk for short distances. On average, the cart can accommodate 12 people. River boat, ship Another original way to transport your guests – water taxi.

Your Friends and relatives will be the sea of adrenaline from the river walk. Cartage carriage horse-drawn carriage at Catania particularly like children. A trip to the manger really fun way to travel, but be careful – do not cart has a door and from it we can easily fall out. Also need to take care that the passengers did not have an allergy to hay. Many of the organizers of the bus weddings are confident that this is the most popular way to transport guests. During the trip Guests can get to know each other better. One bus can fit 50 people! Trolleybus When the couple want to familiarize their guests with the sights of his native city, they bought sightseeing trolley. Plain trolley without any conveniences rarely enthralls "tourists." However, a special trolley, equipped with air conditioning, sound system and mini-bar will appeal to everyone.

Ride in a sleigh What could be more appropriate for winter weddings, than ride in a sleigh? Guests advance warning of what to put on warm clothes to ride with the breeze. Limousine Who said that limousine rental is only for the bride and groom? Some newlyweds bought a luxurious limousine ride to all its guests. However, it is practiced for small celebrations. And that's not all the services that you may have on the organization limousine. Now you only have one problem – to decide what is right for you!

Ford Motor Company

Ford Focus 3 German automobile publication Auto Bild gives little new information on the Ford Focus 3. According to preliminary data, the next generation will be at the end of 2010. The first production line will go hatchbacks in three-and five-door variants. Sedan and coupe-cabriolet will appear later, not earlier than 2011. However, you may be new and for Frod Focus body type – a compartment. The probability of this increases osbytiya the fact that the new Ford Focus 3 will be global, and in the North American market is very fond of two-door cars.

Ford is at the stage of Ford Focus 3 will pay great attention to quality details. This will increase price of the car. Add a new interface for managing vehicle systems with the on board computer. It will be something like the BMW iDrive or COMAND from Mercedes. No cost and without having to upgrade in the range of engines. Most small-caliber gasoline inline-four will be the volume of 1 liter.

Thanks to the turbine is able to produce order of 90-100 horsepower. However, the increasing popularity predicting another gasoline engine. With 1.6 liter and it Trubino buzhet have a capacity of about 150 hp Not without its beloved Europe diesels. These power units are represented by line 90 to imposing modest 200 horses. Most likely, Ford Motor Company will make a worthy successor of modern-day car class C. New Ford Focus 3 communicates to be of higher quality, intelligent and economical. Ford Focus RS is on the streets of England official sales of the new Ford Focus RS has not begun, except for pre-orders.