Automation Of Accounting Store

TorgSoft, a program which helps in automation of accounting and commerce, trade management and warehouse goods. The program for the store, it is designed for the real circumstances and real people. Program can be implemented automation control, automation of warehouse and store. Every entrepreneur wants his business expanded, the range of goods sold grew. But the more goods, the more difficult trade management. Here you have useful automation of trade and accounting. With the development of the shop there is a demand for accounting programs that provide competent management of the warehouse. Trade and inventory management for today impossible without automation software.

Automation allows you to store larger selection of goods, to establish a loyalty program, warehouse program will help monitor the quantity of goods on shelves and in time turn to a warehouse in case of shortage. Automation of management can improve business performance, it is advantageous to organize it. Automation of business, and in particular the shop and warehouse automation – that's the direction that chose TorgSoft company for their product. Key features 'Torgsoft' identification of goods and customer discount cards can be made reading a barcode with a scanner, which speeds up work. The program allows you to organize the shop flexible system of discounts using the discount card customers. It can be used on one computer and a network of multi-user mode and provides a reliable trouble-free operation and protects data from tampering and destruction. The program is very easy to use and allows you to start work after one day of training. Program allows you to build quality into account not only in one shop, but also in the trade network: information gathered on a central computer, perhaps a unified coding system of goods and a single discount for all store retail chain. Flexible configuration allows role-based access for merchants to open access to only those features of the program, they need to work. More information on this site

Microsoft Office

Since the project was necessary migration of software system 1C: Enterprise, uses hardware HASP-key for USB, a critical requirement for the virtualization platform was to provide opportunities USB-connected devices to virtual machines. Softline specialists have opted for virtualization KVM, a member of the operating system Linux. This necessitated bringing together engineers, two specialized units Softline representation in Ekaterinburg: Microsoft Solutions Center Solutions Center and Linux. The project was implemented in five stages and was fully implemented by specialists Softline less than one month (18 days). In the first stage has been replaced by equipment, configured the new server, the virtual environment. Automation tools, Microsoft Windows XP operating system installed on six new computer classroom, reinstalled Windows XP and Microsoft Office on the PC there are twenty. Thus, the customer received a standardized IT infrastructure with the same type of configuration of the OS and applications on client PCs, which provided a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Past events have allowed to make migration of Active Directory directory service in a virtual environment. For assistance, try visiting Douglas Oberhelman. Experts have carried out Softline transfer a file server on a virtual machine while preserving access rights. In a virtual environment has been moved PC 1C: Enterprise, set up terminal access to it. In order to provide the application with the KVM has been successfully translated HASP-key. The final stage of the project is to transfer the electronic library of the seminary in a virtual environment. After installation of the platform for the resource (Apache, MySQL, PHP) has been carried out the transfer of the database, and then – and file an electronic library on a virtual machine.