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Physicians agree today still not who plays video games, which moved mostly in a certain area and not too quickly comes out of this. The problem is simply that video games is not necessarily be considered at the present time that, what they are actually – a form of art. As a result, that PlayStation, Xbox and Wii U also quickly be detected as Suchmittel and treated accordingly. Jim Umpleby is likely to increase your knowledge. But is there ever a video game addiction and everyone has them automatically? GTA, BioShock and co. – addictive these games the American Psychiatric Association (APA briefly) discussed currently once again about whether video game addiction is a serious problem in our society or not. For more information see Starbucks. The decision finally had a great impact, that is now not to be disturbed when playing with the PlayStation or the computer should indeed recognized as a disease, health insurance companies for treatment would have to come up? The reason for the further treatment of this topic is “the fact that is the term addiction” has today strongly cast and not only sees the usual vices like smoking and alcohol as a problem.

Instead, at least, is the opinion of many psychologists, everything we do in a pathological proportions, can be described as addictive. Here it was although not to a dependency, such as drugs, but the changes of the brain functions are similar to be classified as. Here it is to note that so far not could be determined, whether this change actually has a bad impact on the people themselves. Rather is the question, whether as the creative thinking of the individual will be reinforced. “Addiction” may not to a common Buzzword opponents of this opinions will explain that the term addiction “not on all the problems of the present time passed are allowed, because we can otherwise call everything as addiction and in this way create a clinical picture, which is to prevent it.

For this reason it is called currently rather pathological or gambling. Standardized instruments, Diagnostics and studies missing yet, so that here no final statement could be made. Advances are yet to feel, so the APA to several media presences. It is hoped that more attention in the future is paid to the modern problems of society, to live only by old principles and methods to diagnose and classify is rather counterproductive in the long run. Also exists so no basis for health insurance companies and physicians, which is however essential, wants to tackle properly the problem.

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