Rehau Delight

Currently on the market in Russia are more than 30 types of profiles. Leading brands of new models and form the profile of new offerings by expanding the product range. Bestsellers kbe, Rehau and Age suggest using one of three types of profiles. Profiles of different brands of the object, economy and premium classes are separated by title. For example a company kbe posted profiles on the market under the pattern name, and Judge Elites, and the company proposed to use the Rehau Delight, Euro and Briliat. Age profiles of brands also preferred to divide the range of the class. Many people ask the question – "What is different profile? Having invaluable expertise Company wingood confidently answer this question. Profile, which appeared Russia in the early 90's very quickly established itself on the market worldwide.

Market rules stipulate – demand creates supply. Next Competition starts struggle. First appeared profile has become a model for the production. However, each company had its own business development strategy mainly on personal experience and that of other companies whose goal was to obtain maximum profit. Therefore, the design had no special significance and became one. Profiled companies preferred not to tread on others' rakes and positioned outwardly the same profile in different ways. So there were three leaders window business. Over time, it was necessary to make changes.

Profiles were distinguished by the thickness of the inner wall, metal reinforcement and the presence of its own hardware. Now the difference was enough and the company based their strategy on the basis of marketing planning. The main strategy was the creation of a competitive price. This was possible due to increased production and sales. Strategy of other companies has been positioning its not as much of a similar product as a commodity premium or super premium. However, such positioning demanded money on advertising instead of primary production or modernization of the old. There are many strategies that employ specialists just to sell the product. One of these strategies overvaluation. Hence choosing the profile of price and quality, trust recommendations of experts, because not always price determines quality. Save your dear customers!