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Tomorrow is the day of St. Valentine, early, at dawn, I’ll be at your balcony; your love I will be! (Hamlet, by William Shakespeare). What involves day February 14, Valentine’s day called? do by what awaited, celebrated in many countries on this planet Earth? Do you so much commercial activity, marketing for Valentine’s day?, might be some questions in relation to this celebration. Currently held by the exchange of notes of love known as ‘valentines’, with symbols such as the shape of the heart or Cupid, although with the rise of the Internet has spread the custom of exchanging virtual postcards. Also on this day, it is common to the tradition of giving roses to those people that has a special affection the St. Valentine’s day is typically Western, since it dates back to the Germanic Europe (included to the current United Kingdom) from where would go to the United States and from there a large part of the world, but now it has spread to other countries, such as China, Japan and Taiwan. Gives us on this day, that the marketing and globalization have allowed that this ancient custom, which comes from the time of the Romans, spread all over the world, hearts, roses and chocolates, promotions, meals and kisses, filling every February 14. The oldest traditions dating back to an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia; the name and the day of the celebration of the primitive Church, while some link to an ancient English belief that birds choose their partner come February 14 apparently, Valentine’s day grew out of a combination of all three. The legend says that, in the year 270 ad, Roman Emperor Claudio II issued an edict which forbade marriage to young men. In his view, single people without families were better soldiers, because they had fewer ties and Rome needed more soldiers for his army.

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