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The cost of a good web site with in this article we intend to show you the costs which have own a web site; This is a very common question that comes to our e-mail, many webmaster asking how much it costs to have a web site. This demonstrates that there are many people who though they are learning to create a web site does not have a general idea of the investments that must be made. This article is therefore aimed at anyone who wishes to make a web site, and this beginning in this wonderful world of creation of web pages. Let’s start then. Good costs of a web page, when you’re doing it yourself are in reality very few and is very economical. Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. The three basic costs of a web site are: first domain, second housing or hosting, third party software with which thou shalt make your fourth and web page advertising to attract visitors to its web site, the latter is an optional cost. Below each of them.

Domain name in the creation of your web site one of the bases should be your name of domain, there is simply no other option, you must purchase your domain name, if it is that your project is serious. Domains are paid on an annual basis, so it is not an investment so strong; a domain must not cost more than $15 per year. Lievanosan.com domain names are very cheap, costing only $12 a year. Since a domain name is a necessity for the health and survival of your web site. The external expenses such as advertising, or costs of design, may forget, but the domain name is something that is obligatory; the golden rule is not to start a website but you have a domain name for him. Web sites that do not have a domain name, because you are hosted on free web servers, one of the worst mistakes that can be made is to use one of these free services why?, well there are many factors but one of the most important is, that when you have your website on a free server, your domain name is usually seen asiwww.mipaginaweb.miservidorgratis.