German Restaurants And Festivals Increasingly Popular In Hong Kong

Knuckle of pork and beer at the Oktoberfest in Hong Kong German specialties enjoy increasing popularity in Hong Kong. “” “” Whether it the restaurant chain Cafe Deco “with their two Berlins” is branches, or the five King Ludwig Berry’s “King parrot”, the metropolis is estimated more and more German dishes and German flair. German food and drinks are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, the population is now more familiar with the international cuisine. “Above all, it is the younger generation who tried, whether for example the knuckle meets their taste nerve”; Mandy explains Chan, spokeswoman of King parrot. But not only the food thrilled the guests, the convivial and cosy atmosphere that prevails in the German restaurants in the city, fits to the Hong Kong food culture.” The figures show that German food have found their way to Hong Kong: 2012 imported the metropolis food and drinks worth 398 million euros, an increase of 2.3 percent compared to the previous year.

253 Million euro of which accounted all alone foodstuffs of animal origin, frozen foods with pork and milk powder. The increase may be as a percentage not particularly high, but he reflects the continuous growth and shows that more and more Hong Kong German food taste”, explained Yasin Gulben, General Manager of COBA enterprise Hong Kong Ltd. founded in 1989 by a German businessman, COBA enterprise Hong Kong Ltd sells also food and drinks in addition to chemicals and electronic products. The products, many of them German origin, targeting especially the markets in Hong Kong, Macau and southern China. Until a few years ago, I was looking in vain domestic products as well as many German expatriates in Hong Kong. COBA foods Hong Kong with a sea salt brand from South Africa had started. As of 2009, began the company in its product portfolio to absorb ham and bottled beer, with quite satisfactory result, sausages, “, explains Gulben.