Effective Relationships

Explain that you have no goals to be right (oh), and your goal – to be happy (oh). What are you important to the psychology of relations with partner was built on trust, respect and mutual endeavors. Show me what you entered (a) a new way of saving your relationship, in which you are willing to (a) to invest much effort in order to make them better. The dialogue itself is likely to drag on a few days, and possibly weeks – and that's good. Much worse than unreasonable resistance to deepen your partner like a conversation. This secrecy is understandable, and you must show the utmost of friendliness and perseverance in order to bring him / her on the conversation. A person will be pretty hard to resist indefinitely, given that you approach this issue completely non-invasively, and, in contrast, offers a 'smoke a pipe the world. " Step 3.

Describe the activities that you have spent. Here you have to tell you about those 3 actions that you took (a) shortly before the dialogue. Add that you previously had (a) a great job with him (oh) you. Step 4. Discuss with your partner assessment of relationship and most important, from your point of view, the elements of the relationship. Looking at the results of the assessment you tell me what 'building blocks' do you consider most important when construction of a harmonious relationship, as well as some of them are most lacking in your pair. In any case is not transferred to the criticism – take the view from a position of 'We'.