Rio De Janeiro

It does not have territory without a estruturao in net that connects different points or areas. If before we lived under the domain of the logic of ‘ ‘ territories-zonas’ ‘ , that more hardly they admitted overlappings, today we have the domain of ‘ ‘ territories-redes’ ‘ , space discontinous, but intensely connected and articulated between itself. 9 – QUESTION OF the TERRITORY the territory is the influence area and predominance of an alive species of to be that it exerts the control of this space, being the human being this control more is come back toward the great centers where it has a bigger movement and financial stability, to if moving away, in direction the peripheries, the territory starts to suffer alterations that in the case approach if of other domnios. To think itself about the problem of the territory in Brazil it is of intense interest that if has led in it administratively counts to the existing relations between the delimited space geographic and for the borders and the truily used territory. 10 – FINAL CONSIDERAES the perspectives argued here leave of the beginning of that geography as science human being and social it makes notion of what it is territory and of as we can characterize it and we inside perceive its existence of a context, per item, established.

In this manner, we can argue the ways of the territory concept to show not to its same disappearance or its weakness, but the new forms that it is incorporating and through which if manifest. Although a relative recklessness of social sciences with regard to the debate on the space and more specifically, on the territoriality human being at least since 1960 the controversy on the conceptualization of territory and territoriality comes if placing with vigor. The territory is then a portion of the space inhabited for a species of being alive, in which this uses the space. It follows rules, where these same are conducted by a State that the responsible one for the territorial division of its spaces. The territoriality is on to the questions of affectivity of the territory, where the inhabitants of such territory already had created some way of survival and acquire an emotional value. It is, therefore, that to if installing in one definitive territory you start to be recognized as original of the same.