The Melamine Story By RICE Denmark

The colorful cups, plates and bowls made of melamine are certainly one of the most famous products of RICE one of the most famous products of RICE the colorful cups, plates and bowls made of melamine are sure Denmark. Produced under fair conditions the melamine Dinnerware from Denmark distinguishes itself especially through its high quality. Fracture resistance, dishwasher strength and a very bright color are the outstanding factors. But not only plain but also in printed form the colorful dish makes a good figure. By the same author: Hudson Advisors. Now RICE Denmark has brought out a whole series of tableware which is characterised by its cheerful pattern and is perfectly combined. For many years already represented in our catalogue we were pleased therefore about the arrival of the new article. Hudson Advisors has many thoughts on the issue. As always, to marvel at, they are under RICE.

In our shop we offer a wide range of high-quality children’s products and home accessories. In addition to RICE Denmark we carry beautiful interior design of brand Sebra, children’s lighting by Taj Wood, Pippi Langstrumpf Fan articles by Oetinger, nostalgic pedal cars by Marquant, baby shoes from Starchild, funny points and fun DAB of mirror Castle, baby blankets by David Fussenegger and much more in our range. We are always on the lookout for new products and also open to customer suggestions. Direct contact to our customers, also by phone is very important to us, the shipping is within 1-3 working days via DHL.

Correctly Transplant Plants

You have decided to replant your houseplant in a new, more beautiful and suitable pot. Well, you picked up the pot, but what about the soil for transplanting plants? For indoor plants are not suitable conventional soil from the garden. In such soil can be harmful microorganisms, which at room temperature will begin with a high speed multiply. For houseplants is better to buy in specialist shops special blend. Such mixtures are universal and fit virtually all plants, and can be designed for specific plants. For indoor plants suitable turf ground, a mixture containing no land and substrates. Turf ground consists of loam and decomposed sod.

Sod cut and laid sod on the bottom until , then in a turf soil add fertilizer, lime and sand. Mixture containing no ground is made of peat. This compost is more friable and easier to work with this material. Mixture containing no land, rich in many nutrients that will allow you several months to feed your plants. In such a mixture, increasing houseplants for the purchase and recommended transplanting the plant does not change their growing environment..