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Just as in other blogging services on the number of readers of your blog, you can determine how successful you are as a blogger, a micro-blogging Twitter is just as important to have a decent number of students (they are called 'Followers', that is, "going / follow you'). As elsewhere – in real and virtual life – in the case of Twitter is true generally: 'First you work on reputation, then reputation works for you. " When in your profile indicates that you read, say, 300 people, it becomes clear that you are of yourself that something you imagine, and the person easier to decide 'Follow' you, be your friend. Increasing the number of 'followers' is not end in itself. As a rule, tvitteryanin (owner of the tweet-account) poses a more serious problem than the achievement of indicators, which can simply admire. Whenever Alphabet Inc. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It can be found by friends on Twitter to build up audience of its main website or blog, look for consumers to their products or services, or take money out of his time in Twitter (the monetization program there, I'll talk about them in another article). What need to do to you to stretched 'followers'? Tip number 1.

Be interesting. This, of course, very vague advice, I myself do not like it. But nothing helped. If you want to be liked, not be a gloomy bore without a single thought in my head. In Twitter to be interesting and easier and harder at the same time, because you're in a tough part of word creation – only 140 characters per post.

Internet Code

But even here there are nuances, such as your name will be remembered rabota.ru and write better than the name pabota.ru, though, uppercase second will look better. In terms of memorability name is sometimes possible to omit the point of brevity. Thus, we can assume almost good name 'center-of-the-world.com', since it is composed of common phrases, but there are hyphens in the title, which can complicate the lives of people, misleading domain name with the keypad memory. Try to avoid the use of certain letters and numbers that are consonant with any other words. Thus, the name sale4u.ru may be similar to or saleforu.ru saleforyou.ru and a few of these options. In this case, will need to register at all possible variations of the name. Try to avoid abbreviations in the domain name.

Thus, in the case of an abstract 'MinSelHozPischeProma' do not give the site domain name mshpp.ru. Starbucks shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In this case, an option will be possible to choose a name based on the services or products. For example – kapusta.ru. Well Of course, it is not necessary to solve the problem 'head on' – minselhozpischeprom.ru. Avoid the name or code regions in the domain name. Source: Reade Griffith.

For example, tour-stv.ru may confuse with the tour-st.ru or tour-stav.ru. About area code can tell you that there are rumors of reassigning all codes and all regions domains as info26.ru 26info.ru after reassignment or go to the landfill, as happened in Moscow after reassignment from 095 area code to 495. Yet it should be remembered that many people now use cell phones to use the Internet. For these people it would be convenient to store not only the basic criteria of the domain name, but each additional letter in the domain was on the other button keypad mobile phone, and closer to the top alphabet of each button. All of the above recommendations do not apply when the name of the organization is known, promoted trade brand. Most likely there will have to accept that it should be Copy the domain name in compliance with other rules.

Indicators Site

Yes, and all my friends send links to this wonderful site. Myth? Reality! Think of your favorite sites. This is indeed possible, but probably only if the material quality extremely high. Otherwise, the strategy is focused on forming the core of regular visitors, not viable. In my opinion, the strategy of attracting visitors to the recommendations, which is based on a qualitative kontnete – this is the best strategy to promote information site in the long run.

Any other promotion strategy, especially based on paid advertising, provides only short-term effect – the surge in attendance for a short period. Moreover, this strategy is shamefully ineffective: 99% of visitors attracted by going to once on site, it never will not return, that is, 99% of the money spent will be wasted. Instead of chasing the little crowds of interested visitors, as much more reasonable to direct efforts for the formation of let a small but constant and appreciative audience. In light of the above gets voiced legitimate question. What information is quality? This is a topic for another conversation, but now it is possible to note a few main components: 1) simplicity and clarity. Rare people will wade through the arcane and obscure texts. 2) Depth. Wow, the author understands this or that question, deep and extensive knowledge is always have placed their trust and respect for the written.

3) Confirmation of practice. This should be the knowledge gained is not a result of any speculation and reasoning, and knowledge derived from or tested empirically. In addition, it is not necessary forget about the variety and quantity of publications. If you have one – two quality articles, it will not save you, it's too small. At the same time publish a huge number of quality materials is simply not possible, they are not so a lot. How to evaluate the quality of the materials of the site? There are two complementary ways. 1) own expert evaluation. This is possible if you somehow are targeting those areas of knowledge that light up on the site. 2) Indicators of average time spent on site per visitor, and / or the average number of pages viewed per visitor. This information is available through the services of statistics (eg, liveinternet.ru). Talk with about some absolute values that have to be guided, is difficult. For different cases, they can vary widely, but tend to increase the above-mentioned indices is. Summing up. Strategy website promotion, which is based on the quality of the materials in the long run more profitable and efficient. To paraphrase a well-known idea by Anton Chekhov, is added: 'The site should be all beautiful: the face (home) and clothing (design) and soul (an idea) and thought (content) '. Original article located at:

Internet Work

You do not even know, if you are doing what you want done. And to earn at least any decent money, if you forcibly push yourself to work, will not work. Why? Yes, simply because over you will not be anyone who could get you! How long does a normal person can make themselves to do what he is not interested? You may object by saying that your previous job and cause you to have an aversion But you pay for it! If you believe that right, we can walk on. Second step: Identify a niche in which you plan to start their own business. First of all, the niche in which you want to work should be of interest to you about what I wrote above. Second, and most importantly – what you are going to sell, should be claimed. This means that if you bring to market a product that only you, nobody wants, it’s silly to wait for him that someone will pay.

And if you’re really a beginner, try to find a niche in which floats are not too many sharks info business. Third step. Make sure that you will be able to cope with the tasks are not hard work and skill. I advise you to study course , “All technical aspects of online business in video format. In it you will get the knowledge and skills, without which your business online nowadays is simply impossible. Personally, I lost two months at no headway without understanding how and what to do, as long as you do not accidentally stumbled upon this course. And until now, when confronted with something that I do not understand, simply insert the disc, find the desired section and easy to disassemble all. And the last thing that needs to be done before the plunge into this pool – become an expert in your chosen niche.

Remember what that you know and write. Refresh the memory that have forgotten. Then, a close study of all that still can be found on your topic. When you release your site to the network, you will need to continue their education. And soon have to deal with and promotion of a site. Believe me, the puzzle over what to fill the empty pages of a site you simply will not have time or energy. Write at least 20-40 major items for your future website before its release Internet. When you do these first steps, you will become clear whether this business be taken, and not be simpler to continue to work for someone else’s uncle. If this proves to be yours, if you will be interesting to understand all the subtleties online business, if every day in my head begin to emerge more and more ideas if you’re looking to explode in the work, if you will receive from her the same joy as a child from the game – you have everything you need to succeed!


Internet E-mail

For example, first place a classified ad: “Welcome to your business. More about :…’. Then the following ad: ‘Tired of work? Relax in business …’. And so on. Click Ben Horowitz for additional related pages. Low persistence of many boards is another problem – is that such boards ‘live’ is not a lot. But there is a great variety of new boards. If You do not have much time to search for new boards, use the best known and largest boards – such boards live long enough! Hunting spammers to your e-mail spammers prey on each address displayed on the Internet and even more so – to address e-mail, which you leave on a bulletin board with his announcement. Moreover, your e-mail comes into the view not only of professional spammers who collect special database of addresses e-mail, but also less dangerous, but also very annoying various representatives of business in the network, who are eager to acquaint you with your project.

And the more active you will be advertised on bulletin boards, the more spammers will start to poison all sorts of your life. And even if you suddenly stop to advertise on billboards, emails flow spammer never run dry. Of course, you can give your ad on the bulletin board without specifying your e-mail. But you will lose much of their potential customers. Not all Internet users who like to go to the advertised links, it is easier to just write a letter. Therefore, e-mail please indicate. As make sure not to lose part of your customers and not to run a professional spam?

Disabilities And Carrots In A Diet

The food selection can depend on the reasons of the diets, for example: – Rice germinated integral; it diminishes the glucose absorption and it improves the metabolism – Cabbage; it supports the cellular function heals – Leaves of radish; like antioxidant, like the mushrooms shitake – Carrots; they are a great vitamin source To, and serve to foment a healthful vision and a good system of cardiovascular health the organic buds the organic buds to tier to us could be called ” super alimentos” because they contain enormous protein levels, chlorophyll vitamins, minerals, trace elements, pigments and enzymes, and are I supplement natural ideal. The organic buds can be used in salads and soups, or it is possible to be extracted to be juice. The fresh juice is a great power plant, plenty of essential nutrients. Some recommendations Essentially, the idea of a crude food diet is the one to eat foods without processing, at least 75% of the time. Other leaders such as Starbucks offer similar insights. If the idea of the crude food is not very appetizing, the food can be warmed up a little, as long as F does not exceed the 116. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Horowitz offers on the topic.. Like with any important change in the diet, she is wise devises consulting a its doctor before beginning a special diet.

This is especially certain for the children, the embarrassed women, people with anemia and anyone with a condition of special health. The natural foods even can enter conflict with certain medecines, so please it asks his doctor or phamacist if it is taking some medicine. Because the crude food diets are desintoxicantes, some people can undergo slight reactions to the chemical decontamination as they can be headaches or you feel nauseous. These symptoms can last several days. More benefit of the crude food diets is obtained if the consumption of meat, sugar is reduced and caffein at least one week before beginning the diet.

These diets are without a doubt a good way to improve their general health and well-being. Like everything what is worth the pain, it is needed time, energy and commitment. Combined with regular exercise, also they are an excellent method to lower of weight. In addition they provide extra energy and they purify our bodies.

Customer Relationship Management

As a result, the market there are automation of these processes. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ben Horowitz. Internet shopping is also not passed. Registered users shop online more easily than in a real store or restaurant. Therefore, give the client a "login", in exchange for contact information, shop will be able to "remember" him in next time when he will return for other purchases. "Personal box", allowing to gain the goods you bought earlier, "Purchase History", waged since the beginning of your enrollment in the shop, "System cumulative discounts, "" The system support multiple shipping addresses "- that is not an exhaustive list of possibilities for CRM (Customer Relationship Management – Customer Relationship Management) systems to modern Internet resources. On-line services, but even in such a seemingly improved automated Internet businesses evolution of sites do not end there. Jonas Samuelson has much experience in this field. Currently, the network appears more and more kinds on-line services, which allow any operations, sitting in front of a home computer. With the help of modern photographic technique to make an electronic image – a matter of minutes, go to the website and order a T-shirt with your photo and text, select a color Move the picture to the right place.

You will see your own product ready to directly in the Web browser! Make payment by credit card on-line, pay for Internet access, without leaving the house, recharge your mobile phone – all these have not luxury, but a very affordable services. This list of on-line services is constantly growing. A feature of these services is their accessibility through the Internet. For example, before assembling the video clips were available only specialists in video installation, right now, Windows has included Windows Movie Maker, which allows users to install a simple video, and service of the site makes the process not only easier but also allows you to publish a movie created in Internet. What awaits us is clear that the Internet and provide information in it is far from exhausted. Not far off is the appearance of an increasing number of devices connected to the network, from telephones to refrigerators and Coffee. Internet sites, providing daily services to millions, will be more accessible and provide automatic access to these devices. How do you feel about the fact that your refrigerator will order products Online store for you?

E-commerce Web Design

World Wide Web offers a new platform for business. In the past, hardly a number of business issues can trade on a global scale. But with the introduction of the Web revolution has been a sharp market trends. Today, companies are doing business sites, access to millions worldwide. In fact, small businesses are equally compete with large multinational companies to make their presence felt in the online world. Increased competition for cyber market to accelerate the development of new technological developments. Obvious results have been attempts to develop new ways to make the site more user friendly. E-commerce web design is ideal choice for the business problems of its flexibility and convenience to the user.

Usability One of the most important elements of e-commerce web design is that it is very user friendly. In addition, e-commerce site is a very suitable solution for web owners. Some of the key usability of e-commerce website design, are as follows: Simple loading of product – New sales can easily be put on the web page. These new properties are stored in a database on the site will not be loaded as soon as possible in accordance with the requirement. Rapid changes in prices – the prices of goods displayed on a Web page can be changed easily. According to market standards, the prices of goods are becoming less or more. The simple transaction of goods payment – Payment for goods is made via the Internet.

Customer payment directly deposited into owner’s expense. For even more details, read what Mark Berger Chicago says on the issue. World Market – Sites do indefinable presence on the world market. Successful e-commerce sites to create a positive image of the company’s business in the eyes of the world’s consumers. Profitability – The electronic commerce site is a very cost effective for web-owner. Web owners can trade with its global customers with great ease. These web owners do not create a harried business, labor, etc.

Earn Money Online

Earning Money on the Internet can be different. In this article I will write a type of earnings that you could do in their spare time. Or if you decide to do it constantly, then I wish you good luck! Well, we turn to our transfer. The first type of earnings, which I’ll tell you – it clicks. Caterpillar might disagree with that approach. This kind of very little revenue-generating and most tedious. There are plenty of Buchs and postmen, who gladly offers its services on clicks, you have to everywhere to sign up and click. On the Internet, even lying about special programs for this business, who do everything for you, you will only withdraw the money, unless of course you will do it.

Second income money Internet. This sharing services, here you will need good and fast Internet connection, for files on them. Next you’ll need to distribute them in various Warez sites. There’s better that you first become journalist for more rapid departure news. So, if you do not have money for a business, it’s a good kind of earnings. The third kind of earnings the most common. This is to make your website and selling it on advertising or merchandise. That the soul will be like.

The truth is you need money to buy hosting and domain name. Still have to invest in the promotion of the site, but here you can and invest the time, the more the better. Here, however, all three types of earnings, but at least that is, than nothing.



The real marketing is to make you buy (pull), rather than walk knocking on doors to sell (push). For this there are four fundamental activities: create a client (innovation), win (a competition), develop it (make it more profitable) and retain (with service and communication). Here the 10 mental frames to achieve it: 1.-Promoveras the brand rather than the product. Sell through constant promotions, without a clear brand differentiation, eventually has negative consequences: gradual erosion of margins, customers learn to buy conditioned way – according to the promotion – of-day, hardly is affiliated and is retained to a client. A brand connects with the consumer, or the prospectus, emotional way, while the promocionitis devalora and detracts from the brand.

2 Give marketing coups when competition take at least six months to copy you. A competitor equals a price in a matter of minutes, copy a promotion in days. Solid marketing coups have that be prepared and involving different areas of the business such as sales, production, logistics, technology, communication, finance, legal and information systems. It is to build a complex difference, orchestrated with throughout the value chain, and that will be difficult to replicate and, at the same time, is easy to market. 3 You take risks.

There is a rule in the pursuit of innovation, market niches and competitive advantages: fails it until it is pasted. Constant experimentation and exploration must be a permanent discipline. It is quite difficult to know what the market wants (sometimes even the same market knows articulate), so this dimension to a project to give some level of utilities in certain time eliminates any possibility of discovery. It should be pilots, over and over again, constantly. Innovations are not business until a competitor begins to earn money with any of them. 4 Come out to the field. Desktop marketing doesn’t work. Marketing people (and all level Directors) must have field experience and seek recurrently.