General Linguistics

except, what you should do more often, for convenience of exposition (and good can not do everything!) I talked about Freud, but that does not mean that Jean Gagnepain adheres without reservation to psychoanalysis. He corrects the excesses. First, the excess verbiage, because Freud housed his discovery of the unconscious to consciousness only plan representative, which is why there is also an "unconscious" technical, an "unconscious" social and "ethical unconscious, which is why Jean Gagnepain replaces the concept of implicit unconscious. The second correction is the one that brings to historicism in which Freud is locked, the historicism of the "states" of the "regression", etc. But Jean Gagnepain is not for the Urszene (the "primal scene") but for Grundszene (the "critical stage") The second precursor that recognized Jean Gagnepain, is Ferdinand de Saussure and structural conception of verbal Singo (actually is an anachronism: Ferdinand de Saussure never used the word "structure", he speaks of the "system"). The discovery of Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) went to Jean Gagnepain as for many other French intellectuals, a true revelation, revelation late (the late '40s), as the famous Course in General Linguistics, 1916 data … ! (That is to say as does the French university!). However the renowned linguist in Genoa is the first to have shown that, in the language, all is not clear, but that under this phenomenon, there was another thing that Jean Gagnepain called it "grammar" to oppose the "rhetoric" which, as you'll see, is manifested in the speech itself.