Modern Marketing

A few months ago I was surfing the net and caught my attention modern Marketing of attraction by what I got up and followed what I reported at page to which land, and best of all, from the very beginning spoke the truth, leaving behind the words are filled with enthusiasm, emotion-laden printing and stop the constant meetingsphone calls of the hot list, that definitive call it old-school marketing of sales by persecution. But thanks to the very straightforward presentation, practice and conciza of what is modern marketing attraction was what I dicidiera to continue with the information provided by Daniel who made somehow to begin thinking differently as being generator of money online and from home, and not standing on street corners trying to distribute leaflets in certain amount ensuring that if surrender qualtiya percentage anger at the meeting, insisting by telephone to family members and friends who are aware of the fantastic business and finally win me denials when he visited them or called by phone, so get to work, beginning to pay attention to what I started to know, modern marketing of attraction. Modern multiplier system of money online with effective platforms makes their work smart doing the 25% required to make the robot 75% of working hard and so is way leave you in semi-automatic pilot with the application of the simple direct instructions and openly to get to have a list of voluntary subscribersi.e., very skilled supporters, willing to be taught to do intensive work from home until ready for permanent use pallets automatically, this is modern marketing attraction and you can enjoy extra income for you and your family, you start to realize their dreams of having their own businesses and the most surprising thing, you do not need to sell tangible productsthey are intangible products which is the modern digital business with a great demand at present. Only this menera can be on par with the progress with the modern Marketing of attraction and not degar pass the opportunity of the use and abuse of digital tools to reach more prospects qualified around the world with the help of the Internet! We hope that the information come to awaken your interest by improving their income and begin to make their dreams a reality: new House, car of the year, trips to places you always wanted, etc, etc. This is the opportunity to learn and put into practice the modern marketing of attraction to your benefit and you best ls satisfactions to improve its quality and style of life.

Compare Money Market Accounts

Doubling the yield by comparison of money market accounts. Now compare providers! In times of economic and financial – related banking crisis many investors consider themselves twice whether you entrust their assets to said crisis-proof Banks. Who wants no surprises, is currently prefer the finger of opaque funds or dubious shares. But how and where can the suspicious Investor investment today still profitable? A good and profitable at the same time solution is the creation of money on money market accounts. Tagesgeld discards different interest rates depending on which Bank it is the amount of money is how much and what other conditions applied. Therefore, money market accounts offer a highly flexible investment with relatively good interest rates and low-risk. Who spent enough time, can also take advantage of the many offerings for new customers and every few months from one bank to the next shift its money to get even one or two percent more return per year.

Unlike many Day money compare common, evaluated the day money offers not the nominal interest rate, which is typically used in advertising, but the actual yield, so the interest rate that an investment actually earns a conditioning period. So, no provider can ‘accidentally’ slip on the top spot only because it offers a “visually” high interest rate for 3 months. The actually generated yield is crucial for a tag account in addition to the security of the deposits. And since a short investment term would skew the results, first and foremost considered the return on term of 12 months. In many money market accounts pay an initially high interest only for a limited period of time. This strategy is used by the banks to win new customers in the highly competitive market of short-term financial investments.

Since this is a legitimate, should be recalculated for all offers exactly: so can a proposal that initially throws off a high interest rate, bad overall for the year cut off as an offer that yields a rate lower at first glance. Also, the advertised interest rate is paid on some day money offers only up to a certain amount of investment. In addition, the offered interest rate declines mostly substantially. The availability and quality of online banking or the transparency of conditions when compared to the money market accounts of from different providers are included in in addition to a good yield, factors such as the amount of deposit insurance. More information on the subject of money, as well as current money market accounts in the comparison are available at any time under.

Pension Plans – Catching Up On The Funding

BilMoG and pension commitments: action by new evaluation approaches Rosenheim, 1.09.2010. A company survey shows that the German middle class compared to DAX listed companies has significant pent-up demand for the funding of pension obligations. Still the important for SMEs subject companies is limited interest. This may change, however with the introduction of the accounting law modernisation Act (BilMoG) to 1.1.2010 short to medium term. BilMoG forces to reconsider in the financing behavior, is sure Werner Rofner by the law firm Rofner & colleagues from Rosenheim. The BilMoG has been mandatory in force since January 1, 2010.

Target is an approximation of the German balance sheet law on international accounting rules (IFRS). As a result the assets, financial and earnings situation in the commercial financial statements represented more realistic. Especially in the sector of occupational retirement provision (bAV), it comes in the balance of trade for the valuation of pension obligations to significant changes, explains Werner Rofner. The means that even Pensionsruckstellungenen are affected. That’s changing: pension provisions are valued in the balance of trade realitatsbezogener. The to be average interest rate market, which month is announced by the Bundesbank, usually leads to significantly higher balance sheet values. The 6a acquired previously from the tax balance sheet value usually far too low provisions displays for the trade balance according to BilMoG.

To the realistic valuation of pension obligations salary developments into account cost increases and pension trends are in the future. To the relief of the company due to the BilMoG additions to provisions for 15 years may be distributed but the rest is shown in the annex to the balance sheet. It introduced a balancing-out bid of pension provisions and supply-linked assets, E.g. in the form of a pledged insurance. The handelsbilanzielle profit, which can lower by the BilMoG, is the basis for the Payout. Potential impact on companies: the allocations to the pension provisions have a direct impact on business outcomes. The handelsbilanzielle profit decreases, however, the profits according to the tax balance sheet is taxed. The Basel II rating (creditworthiness) can deteriorate. At 31, it’s too late! What was once said to, can not take back after decades. Can however paid the promised performance not in full amount of the funds for the pension commitment as such as an insurance be paid in, the missing shares from its current assets should be denied. Werner Rofner: “such a situation can in the worst case lead to the insolvency of the company or at least accelerate it.”Check the option of balance of optimized customizing and you include a bAV experts, recommends the bAV specialist Rofner, goal-oriented and professionally to tackle the further steps: you analyze the pension commitments holistic content, employment and fiscal weaknesses. Determine the financing rates to the funding of pension plans in the company. Examine the possibility of future on-balance sheet netting by supply-bound assets and thereby take advantage of the positive effects with improve of the figures in the company. Substantive defects, as well as financing deficits to eliminate companies now using the new holistic consulting offering of the Rofner & colleagues law firm. “We will accompany our clients with internal and external specialists in labour law and tax law legally binding through the entire process of the examination and pension commitments existing adaptation or spin-off,” emphasizes the bAV specialist Rahmani. Contact: law firm Rofner & colleagues owner Werner of shafiqur Rahman Oberaustrasse 34 83026 Rosenheim Tel.: 0700 0700 1230 (12 ct / min) fax: 0700 0700 1231 (12 ct / min) E-Mail:

Office Insurance

“Compulsory insurance for lawyers & firms: insurance Portal launches the Attorney liability solution for the mandatory insurance for lawyers and law firms: the insurance Portal has the Attorney liability together with insurance company Markel international Germany” developed. Get all the facts and insights with JPMorgan Chase, another great source of information. The concept is online since December 2013, which meets all the criteria for compulsory insurance for lawyers BRAO pursuant to 51 and also on the own business can be adjusted individually. An annual contribution of 85.50 euros NET (incl. 10% run-time discount), coated deductible in the asset liability for business start-ups in the first three years and optionally selectable performance enhancements round out the legal liability. – Managing Director Ralph Gunther is convinced of the concept to the compulsory insurance for lawyers: we thought the topic of compulsory insurance for lawyers and law firms new: today is not only the protection of pecuniary Third parties (E.g. by period omissions) important, but the insurance should protect the lawyer himself.

An approach that we have taken up by and also own certain types of injury covered offer E.g. reputation damage or the loss of written work documents.” There are innovations not only in the scope of insurance, but also in the calculation of the contribution: the differentiated pricing calculated in our knowledge after for the first time after the focus on the lawyer, which offers advantages in terms of conditions. The lawyer liability of contains following cover elements: property damage liability insurance (VSH) – mandatory coverage (gem. 51 BRAO) Optionally selectable including trust insurance and private insurance Office & operating liability (BHV) equity insurance for privacy and cyber risks (DCD) optionally available through the optional services to the compulsory insurance (statutory insurance cover for) Financial losses), the protection for the self-employed can be configured individually and are collected as needed. And if the requirements change, the lawyer insurance feature upgrade can be adapted at any time. Compulsory insurance: in just a few minutes to permit convenient: the automatic registration with the competent Chamber of the RA. After the lawyer Haftpflichtschickt the Versicherungsbestatigungnach of 51 BRAO electronically directly to the competent Chamber of the RA.

This saves study approval process. Also the insurance certificate can be downloaded immediately at any time after conclusion of the contract. Young lawyers and entrepreneurs at initial admission get also more favourable terms. And: in the first three years of insurance, there is no deductible for them in the compulsory insurance. The legal liability of at a glance: Proof of insurance for approval within a few minutes of special conditions for new entrants / entrepreneur privacy advice,. Mediation, etc. covered on the series damage & Sozienklausel Privacy & Cyber self-coverage covered does not have trust and reputation damage (optional) a special feature of the legal liability of is also optionally selectable Privacy & Cyber self-coverage “.” In the case of a hacker attack, DoS attacks, computer abuse, data espionage and interruption of the own law firm by cyber criminals, the capacity expansion for expensive proprietary damage attacks. Cybercrime is located in Germany at an all-time high. Before allemSelbstandige, there are increasingly victims, whose simple security systems are more vulnerable. We meet with additional insurance coverage, we offer also in the legal liability”this risk, says Managing Director Ralph Gunther. “For more information about the legal liability” by