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Free according to the motto “Better by Networking” the supra-regional network Xinnovations e. V. developed numerous activities throughout the year, to forge alliances for technology innovation and to stimulate innovative collaborative projects. The highlight is the annual Conference of Xinnovations at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. The Xinnovations e. V. competence network for network-based information technologies Xinnovations E.v. is an Association of people from industry, science, public and parastatal bodies, the in the Internet-based economic and communication processes are active.

The result is the Association in connection with a promotion of the research of the Federal Ministry for education and research. Aim and sustainable, supra-regional networking of economy, science, management and policy activities the aim is to create new alliances for technological and social innovation and initiate collaborative projects. To promote the networking of members of the association with the actors from the areas listed above, virtual forums, workshops and round tables are organized. Also assumes the Association project funds for collaborative projects, acquires funding, initiates and manages marketing and sales projects, operates an active press and public relations and tracking technology trends for its members. By Xinnovations – better networking – the permanent innovation Forum In the Centre of the activities of the Association is the Conference “Xinnovations – better by networking” as permanent Innovation Forum, which takes place once a year at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and continues in real and virtual forums. The Conference program consists of business forums, workshops of the science and the W3C tag of the German Austrian Office of the World Wide Web Consortium. 2009 the X Award for the first time in the framework of the Xinnovations. People are awarded the X-award annually from now on, that trigger impulses for technological and social innovations with your ideas and solutions.