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Baufix24 launches a new series of seminars on the theme of ‘Transparency in the jungle real estate financing’ Hamburg, February 02, 2010. A new series of seminars around the theme of construction financing starts Ralf Schutt, founder of Baufix24, the “No. 1 in well-being feeling financing” and top 100 consultants, according to the leading independent evaluation portal for financial advisory services in Germany, WhoFinance. Consumers evaluate present financing for your home to 90% exclusively according to the interest rate”, so bulk, founder and sole owner of Baufix24. This is very dangerous, a car buyer decides not only after the purchase price otherwise we have all Trabbi”, so bulk next. “Bulk supplies in the seminars not only insider knowledge from more than 18 years of experience in building financing, but tips and tricks, like housework” can negotiate better and as almost hopeless financing with the how to “lead to success.

Most real estate buyers, about 90%, take care of only the funding when they have found the right property. Especially in the current market situation, this can be very risky. Currently, the fastest there is per object between three and five oscillating”WINS most of the time. The entertaining information evenings are spiced up with stories and anecdotes. The evenings are aimed not only at home loan beginners”, but also professionals, employees, and self-employed persons. Freelancers, self-employed persons, real estate buyers with little equity capital, but also consumers with much Eigengeld, receive valuable suggestions in dealing with bankers, brokers, notaries, and vendors.