Public Sector

Calvo also justified that the character of public company of Madrid Espacios y Congresos allowed him to rent the Pavilion to the organizer of the party, Diviertt, while this accumulated debts for 240,000 euros with Social Security. Of this form, the consistory eludiria express to not contract with delinquent ban that establishes the law of Public Sector contracts. However, the standards of MEyC include the requirement that firms be aware of payment of their tax obligations. In spring, it commissioned a report about the State which were enclosures which the Town Council ceded to companies. According to Ana Botella revealed last Thursday, this document threw security flaws at the Madrid Arena (which were corrected, he said, for the Halloween party), as well as in the Glass Pavilion of the country house and the Palace of congresses of the Campo de las Naciones. Bottle has decreed the closure of the first two, not the Madrid Arena.

Calvo inherited the responsibilities on the Madrid Arena in December last year. Bottle took possession of the Mayor’s Office after the resignation of Gallardon, appointed him to the portfolio that Miguel Angel Villanueva had occupied until then. Dates for declaring Pedro Calvo will need to clarify these and other aspects to the holder of the Court of instruction number 51 in Madrid, Judge Eduardo Lopez Palop. In principle, the judge was going to call him as a witness, but the request of the Prosecutor’s Office has made to pass to be accused, so it will declare accompanied by his lawyer. The Councillor shall appear at the opportune procedural moment, explained the TSJM.

On Tuesday 20 November at 10 a.m. hours will pass before the judge the first of those involved, businessman Miguel Angel Flores, Manager of the Diviertt company, organizer of the event. The next day, and at the same time do the legal representative appointed by the company’s staff of access Kontrol 34. Seguriber, responsible for security, will do it later. See more: Pedro Calvo resigns from Office after being charged in the case of the deaths of the Madrid Arena