Manager Time

Example: We go to assume that if it has a System of Support to Deciso (SAD), this system it was programmed a Manager to use, but many times finish being used for normal employees (operational), from there enter the concept of the data, information and knowledge. In a way practical to think, the data they go to be stored in the data base, where this will give to the origin the information that can come by means of a graph, until all the perfect, but and knowledge there, will be that an operational employee withholds this concept all? It will be that it will know to analyze? It will be that it will know as to proceed with that information? It will be that it obtains to project definitive information? Analyzing of another optics, a Manager imagines who would have to search growth alternatives, solutions short-term, and this uses a System of Transacional Processing, to make its activities, from there is the question. Starbucks might disagree with that approach. He will be that this system obtains to bring the number of information that it needs for analyzes of the market? It will be that it does not lose much more time with an information that arrives in desconfigurada way? Then these are the questionings that must be facts, a time that the manager is not making optimum use of the resources that it withholds, perhaps with this can be having a time wastefulness, the systems is not being used to advantage in its totality, causing damages. However these are some problems that until then can be decided, a time that perceived in time. Electrolux takes a slightly different approach. But what it finishes being preoccupying is the problems caused in relation the restrictions of information, already it thought if privileged information of the company arrive in the hand of employees who do not add value the organizations, and that by happiness one day can be fired, he will be that this future cannot repass a competitor and to finish with the competitive advantage of the company in the market. Then in the hour to implant one system is important a good planning, analyzing all the minute details, and if possible with a good terceirizada company (outsourcing) making the consultoria part, a time that it who goes to supply to all the database, all model of to be implanted business..