Frames, as we know, are everything. Or almost everything. Interview the candidates and evaluate their compliance with the post – a key step in the selection. And the most important task in the work of the internal recruiter (HR-manager, personnel officer) any enterprise. And for small businesses – and the manager. The more a recruiter knows about the candidate, the better it is "armed" to make the right decision. Understanding why the candidate is seeking a new job is key. There are many benefits for the interview, some are too academic, some behind the times. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge.

Our daily practice has shown: that's 10 key points that should ferret out, find out every recruiter at any cost. All parts of the compensation package at the last place of work. Need to find out exactly how to build a structure of income of the candidate. The base rate of pay – often just the tip of the iceberg now. Learn about the system bonuses, awards and loans. Make a complete list of all additional payments to the candidate and his mortgage payments.

If your company is not able to offer better terms – you are wasting your time … time traveling to work and back. What transportation is whether transplant? Especially true for large cities. Now the duration of "life in the transport and traffic" is already one of the indicators of "quality of life." If you travel in your company will be candidate for a more tedious than his past work, tell him about it directly and analyze his reaction.