Map Demand

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities are available to trade them at every corner, it can deal with absolutely any enterprise, regardless of the profile of the main activities. Would demand, and demand is there, not on the cards as such, but – for services that can be obtained by purchasing a prepaid card. All that is needed to start – this is an agreement deliveries, invoices, or act of acceptance-delivery of goods. That's all. Can begin. Today prepaid cards are made of plastic or high quality cardboard (a tribute to ecology!) And is usually wrapped in plastic film.

So, do not fear nor rain, nor snow. Well, unless you dip them in water on purpose. So that trading cards can not only shop, office, kiosk or underground passage, but on the street, where every day moves an endless stream of passers-by – potential buyers. Responsibility for the hidden marriage? It is a headache operator, not the seller. pin code on the card is securely hidden scratch band, and if the strip is damaged, Map recognizes defective and returned to the supplier. On any map of the serial number through which you can get all the information about this service. And finally, for the quality of services provided by the map, is also responsible its expiry.

True, in some cases, operators extend their shelf life, but for the information of this nature must additionally apply to the provider. It is better to not bring. And finally, on the map always says what category it belongs to (e-card, phone card or express payment), so that deal with a range capable of virtually any vendor without prolonged additional training. Consumers pre-paid cards – as a rule, people active, they do not like to spend time and effort to search for the point of reception of payments and tedious wait in queues at the cashier window.