Also asked by bargaining with broadcasters for the payment of a fee by the retransmission of League matches from next season Astiazaran said that there is significant progress. From here begins the League all issues will be closing and I believe that we will have a better exploitation of the rights of radio and best quality of service for fans. The chains will be benefited depending on the agreements that we reach with them, he concluded. In a question-answer forum Ben Horowitz was the first to reply. The AFE, dissatisfied the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) expressed their disagreement with the agreement adopted by the Assembly of the League of professional football (LFP) with respect to standards applicable to wage debts to players of clubs and sports corporations in bankruptcy situation. The Union of footballers has been reported through a statement that the content of the agreement adopted by the LFP does not meet the proposals contributed by AFE along the various meetings held at the negotiating table, which started last May 30. AFE, such an agreement is much more restrictive than the reflected in the previous agreement, denounced by the LFP at the end of last January, to deal with a problem of defaults far greater, both its amount and the number of players involved. Source of the news: the LFP approves a bankruptcy guarantee fund until the 2014-2015 season

Don Juan Carlos

Jimenez has expressed the readiness of the Department of State of making progress in this field and has reported that the technical teams that have worked in Spain are very satisfied of the support received. Agenda tight in addition to his meeting with Jimenez, Secretary of State of USA, Hillary Clinton, meets Saturday in Madrid with the King, in the first public act of Don Juan Carlos since he was operated right knee last June 3, and with the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Clinton, who arrived Friday evening in Madrid, held this Saturday a busy round of meetings, after the agenda of the first part of his visit was private. Additional information is available at Keith McLoughlin . The following meetings of Clinton were at 1100 hours at the Palace of la Moncloa with the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez j Zapatero, and at 12.30, with the King, in the Palacio de la Zarzuela. Before returning to Washington, Clinton has also held a meeting with the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy.

Meeting with Rajoy Rajoy has transmitted to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the necessity of which Spain following undertaken substantial reforms so that the country can which are now their priorities, economic recovery and the creation of jobs. Rajoy and Clinton have been gathered at the residence of the American Ambassador in Madrid for about 35 minutes, and the event have gone responsible for European Affairs of the Department of EE UU and coordinator of Presidency and international relations of the PP, Jorge Moragas, among others. As reported by the latter, the interview has been developed in a climate of cordiality and coincidence in which are the main themes that make up the Spain-United States bilateral relationship. After thanking the interest of Clinton that the meeting took place, Rajoy, in the words of his j’s Cabinet, has explained that the challenge for Spain at the moment is economic recovery and the generation of employment, and for this reason the reforms play a fundamental role. Clinton requested this meeting to learn about the vision of the main opposition party in foreign policy at the prospect that the PP comes to the Government in the coming months. First visit as Secretary of State Clinton’s visit is the first which makes to Madrid in the two and a half years which bears the head of American diplomacy. The previous time that he was in Spain was in condition of wife of the former President of EE UU Bill Clinton in 1997, during a trip that was also to Palma de Mallorca, invited by the Kings, and Granada. Source of the news: ZP is committed to Hillary Clinton, calling for “patience” to Spain before the reforms

Europe Takes Measures

The patience of everyone has a limit. Up of the stock market authorities with speculators. And that bag and speculation are nearly synonymous. Tonight it has been made clear. Past eleven o’clock at night, the European authority of assets and markets (ESMA, for its acronym in English) delivered a hard statement announcing measures of four countries – Spain, France, Italy and Belgium – to curb the extreme volatility that has occurred in markets in recent weeks. ESMA wants to reinforce the requirements concerning the prohibition of disclosing information that give false or misleading signals about financial instruments, including the dissemination of rumours and false or misleading news, cried the communique. Roman paladino, the glass of the patience of the securities authorities of these countries has overflowed, and tonight same three of them announcing prohibitions on sales in short. The fourth, Italy, detailing its actions today. Source of the news:: Europe takes measures to tackle speculation in financial markets